Tomer Hadad

Tomer Hadad

Son of Zippora and Eliyahu, Tomer was born in Gan Yavneh on July 23, 1981, to Einat and Ido. Tomer studied at the “Sini” religious elementary school in Gan Yavne and in the religious elementary school Ulpanat Chafetz Chaim on Kibbutz Chafetz Chaim. He completed his high school studies at the “Or Etzion” yeshiva in the Shapira Center, specializing in computers. Tomer was very successful in his studies, and was often awarded certificates of excellence for his exemplary behavior and scholastic achievements; In particular, he excelled in mathematics and the Gemara. Tomer was loved by teachers and students alike. He enjoyed helping and giving of himself to everyone, all with humility and modesty that were his main characteristics. He always tried not to stand out and did everything in peace and quiet. During his free time he volunteered to educate children and gave them, and anyone in need, help and support. Tomer loved to participate in social activities in the school and was very active in the preparations and Purim party in the play “Purim Rabbi” which was raised at the party. He was an apprentice and also a counselor in the Bnei Akiva youth movement. Tomer was eagerly awaiting his recruitment, and planned to make the most of his service and enjoy every moment. He was summoned to pilot tests and successfully passed all the stages until the formation, but a slight accident that occurred during the consolidation caused him temporary disruption of functioning. He had to retire, and decided to postpone the pilot until he was at his best. In March 2000, Tomer was drafted into the IDF and served as a combat soldier in the “Granit” battalion of the Nahal Brigade, and everyone around him said that he was “poisoned” by the army. And his friends, who also called him the “Nightingale.” Tomer fell in operational activity on October 24, 2000, when a group of soldiers was overturned Near the Anatot camp, was nineteen years old when he fell, and was brought to eternal rest in the military section of the Gan Yavne cemetery, leaving behind his parents, sister and brother. The state, Moshe Katsav, sent the family a letter of condolence in which he wrote: “… Tomer aspired to face difficult challenges and could. His ambitions knew no boundaries, and his motivations were consistent. But Tomer was not alone in his abilities and desires. Shaul Mofaz, then the chief of staff, wrote to the family: “… Unfortunately, I did not get to know Tomer personally, but from the words of his commanders and his comrades in arms is portrayed a figure The soldiers and officers who were privileged to be with him stood up for his good qualities, and in his modesty he never boasted of his achievements, but his contribution to the unit was immense, and he was above all required to carry out every task he was assigned. Those around him. “Tomer was a serious guy, intelligent and diligent. He had a lot of friendship – he was smiling and handsome, thin and tall, “said Dudu Yechiel.” I say what you always say in such cases, but everything is real. That’s how he was. It’s just him … “Tomer’s friend writes to the unit:” … the smile, the laughter, does not leave your mouth with training. You stayed last to help the difficulties, as if you had not had a hard time. In the morning you would wake us up with a song by Zohar Argov that you loved so much. We will always remember you, Tomer … “Tomer’s family and loved ones produced a book in his memory, containing pictures, poems, letters and memorial pieces commemorating his Torah scroll, which he used to pray in Gan Yavne Synagogue Since the day of Tomer’s fall, a Torah shiur has been held every ShabbatIn his memory, in which his friends, acquaintances, and friends take part.

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