Frequently Asked Questions

How do I honor one of the fallen heroes?


  1. Click on “Find a hero to honor”. 
  2. Search for a specific name.
  3. If you want to honor someone whose family has reached out and would like to hear from you, select this option.
  4. If you want to honor someone that has not yet been honored, select this option.
  5. Select the hero you wish to honor. 
  6. Read through their bio to learn more about them.
  7. Click on “Honor this Fallen Hero” in their profile, fill in your details, leave a message (optional), select the positive action you will perform and click “Honor Fallen Hero”.
  8. You will also have the option of connecting with the family of the fallen. Connections can be done privately or publicly. 
  9. Actions may be shared via social media links.

Your positive action and message will now be displayed on the fallen hero’s page.


  • What is a group?

A group is a family, school, congregation, organization, institution, community or any group of people who want to honor the memory of one or more of Israel’s fallen heroes.

Group administrators (admins) can create and register a group and assign fallen heroes profiles to the individual members. 

An admin can manage multiple groups.

  • How do I register a Group?
  1. Sign up for a group creation on the top left corner of the homepage. 
  2. Under Group Managers Account select “Create Account” and sign up using email, Facebook or Google.  
  3. On the Group Creation page, admins will be to include a group name, description and upload an image to represent their group. 
  4. After registration, a custom webpage and link will be generated for you to email to your entire group.
  5. Add the fallen to your list by a specific name, random search or use the advanced functionality to select your parameters. 
  6. Download the excel file with the chosen fallen names to share with your community
  7. You can record your community’s actions by:
    1. Entering the names of your participants manually against the fallen names. 
    2. Uploading the list back to the Group page. 
    3. Community members can record the actions individually

Members of the group will learn about the hero assigned to them and perform a positive action in his/her memory. 

The Group’s webpage will list all names/actions. 

  • Family members or friends of the Fallen

A family member or friend can sign up to the campaign in order to add and update the profile of those close to them. 

  1. Click sign up on the top left corner of the homepage. 
  2. Under Family Members Account select “Create Account” and sign up using email, Facebook or Google. 
  3. Use the search function on the homepage to locate the fallen hero. 
  4. Click on “Connect to this fallen hero”, select your relation, and opt-in to receive messages privately or publicly.  
  5. You will now be able to make edits and upload up to 5 images.

Please note all content uploaded will go through an approval process and monitored by the campaign administrators. 

Can I honor more than one of the fallen?


Can I honor one of the fallen as an individual and also be part of a Group?


Is there a limit to the number of groups I can participate in?


Can I download the information of the fallen hero?

Yes, on each profile there is a “download PDF” button under the picture. 

Is uploaded content monitored?

Yes, email addresses and any activity/reservations/comments may be disabled at the discretion of the campaign administrators.

How will I be notified of the “Moment of Silence” in Israel, so that I may join in, as an expression of global unity?

All registrants will receive an email notification 30 minutes before Israel’s ‘moment of silence’ and another as the sirens begin, the 1st at 8pm, April 27th and the 2nd at 11am, April 28th, Israel time.

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