Sherry (Zechariah), David

Sherry (Zechariah), David

Son of Nahum and Ida. Was born on the 29th of Tevet, 5702 (December 29, 1950) in Sosnowiec, Poland, to parents of Holocaust survivors, and he was educated as a proud Jew and his parents told him that if When David arrived in Israel he knew not only Polish but also Yiddish, but at first he found it difficult to acclimatize without the knowledge of the Hebrew language. They had a common language with him, but after a very short time he learned the language and customs of the country, and so he became integrated into her life And David began to bring home the Israeli way of life, and he loved the Kabbalat Shabbat, the lighting of the candles and the Jewish holidays, and he studied at the Be’eri School and the ORT vocational high school in Netanya. He was a good temperant, loved life, was full of gaiety and vigor, and was excellent at helping others and his friends to remember him for the better. They would meet for class meetings and parties. He would fix his friends whatever needed repair and would drive them in the car he had received from his father. David had an unusual technical sense and even from his youth he liked to dismantle and assemble tools. He liked to fix his own appliances and radio. His room was a kind of technical lab and he would sit there for hours and work. It was not by chance that the kindly and cheerful uncle chose the electronics profession. David was drafted into the IDF at the beginning of April 1970, when he completed his technical studies as an electronics technician and was assigned to the Air Force, but he did not like the versatility and lack of variety. He would demand that he be given the hard jobs that required the greatest responsibility, and when he came home on vacation he immediately called the base to ask what was new there, and when he went out with His friends would immediately leave a phone number to know where he was when He volunteered to serve for two years in the career army, because he saw that in his profession he could only advance in the army, and in the meantime he began to prepare for the evening examinations for an evening degree as an engineer, and on the 17th of Elul 5731 (17.9.1971) David found his death along with six of his friends As a result of enemy activity in the Suez Canal region, he was brought to eternal rest in the Netanya military cemetery, and in a condolence letter to the bereaved parents, the commander of his unit noted him as “the most devoted and loyal soldier I knew, and few know the importance of his role for the security and well-being of our country.” Two days later, the parents said, “David was one of the senior technicians in the squadron, quiet, efficient, with an excellent professional and very dedicated to his work. We bitterly mourn the loss of a soldier, a friend, and a man. “After his fall, a book was published about him and his name is” Journey to the Eternity, “in which he describes his life and death. Each memorial day will be distributed in its name (each scholarship in the sum of IL 500). Two by the “Wireless” cooperative association in Netanya for the advancement of electronic engineering studies and one by the family – for needy children who study at the Be’eri School; A grove in memory of the shiva was planted in the Modi’in area, near son of Shemen, where a monument was erectedThe plane.

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