Sharon Yehuda Edri

Sharon Yehuda Edri

Son of Hannah and Isaac, Sharon was born on March 28, 1976 in Jerusalem. His childhood was spent in the atmosphere of the enchanting landscapes of the Judean Hills, in Moshav Zanoah, near Beit Shemesh. Sharon was the youngest of the seven brothers and sisters. He was educated in the kindergarten in the moshav and liked everyone. He completed his elementary and high school studies at the religious high school “Even HaEzer” where he completed his studies in the biological track. He was a diligent student who worked on his studies. His sporting inclinations were expressed in basketball and soccer games with groups of friends in the moshav. Sharon had a noble soul. He stood out for his mental strength, calmness and patience. Ben was devoted to his parents and family. Every task assigned to him was carried out in its entirety and in the best possible way. Sharon was God-fearing and observant, and especially he was careful to honor a father and mother and to help others. He had a well-developed technical sense, used to repair instruments and help with general maintenance at his parents’ home. At the end of July 1994, a day after his final matriculation exams, Sharon enlisted in the IDF and began his military service as a combat soldier in the Nahal Brigade reconnaissance unit. Due to medical problems he suffered, he moved to serve as a munitions officer and was assigned to a nearby home. On September 9, 1996, Sharon fell in battle during his abduction. That same day, Sharon was on a “normal” vacation but was asked to return to his base in order to carry out guard duty. Because he felt ill he traveled, as commanded by his commander, to be examined by a doctor who would determine his fitness. Sharon began an arduous journey between various military clinics: From the regional clinic in Jerusalem, he was sent to Assaf Harofeh Hospital, where he was supposed to undergo surgery. From there he was sent to the regional clinic in Tzrifin to confirm the days of the illness that had been set for him. At Tzrifin he had to wait a few hours in line, and only at night did he receive the desired permit. He called his house and announced that he was going home, to the moshav. When he was exhausted and ill, and after a long and exhausting day, Sharon asked to shorten his way and stop a ride. Near the Zrifin camp, a vehicle carrying Israeli license plates stopped next to him and Sharon climbed onto it without realizing that his fate was doomed. Sharon was kidnapped by a group of terrorists from the village of Surif, belonging to Hamas’s Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades. A few minutes after he boarded the car, one of the squad members felt that Sharon suspected them. The terrorist drew his gun, fired at the Sharon and killed him on the spot. The terrorists hid the body in the vehicle, continued on their way to Ramle, via the Ramle-Lod bypass road, and from there they drove directly to the village of Surif. When they reached the village area, another member of the group gathered, and with his help they buried Sharon’s body on the edge of the village and took his personal papers. For seven months, Sharon, accompanied by thousands of volunteers, including family members, Sharon’s comrades from the Nahal reconnaissance unit, childhood friends, residents of Moshav Zanoah and many other citizens, continued to search for Sharon, a period of tense anticipation in which the family moved between hope and despair. At the Cafe “Afropo” in Tel Aviv in the spring of 1997, he shed light on the circumstances of Sharon’s disappearance and led the security forces to expose the Zurif cell, which was responsible for a long series of terrorist attacks in which 11 civilians were killed and forty-nine injured. Sharon’s body on the eve of Passover, April 10, 1997. Sharon was brought to Israel’s grave in the military section of a house He was born at the age of 20. He left parents, two brothers – Yoram and Shlomi and four sisters – Edna, Etti, Gila and Siegel, and Sharon was promoted to the rank of sergeant.In his condolence letter to the bereaved family, Chief of Staff Amnon Lipkin- As a combat soldier in the Nahal Brigade’s reconnaissance company, and later continued to serve in the Hatty commandAnd was described by his commanders as a dedicated, highly self-disciplined soldier who played his part with great diligence and stood out in his smile and manner. I saw you hurt, I saw you doing everything possible to bring Sharon home. I met a noble, strong and beautiful family. “Sharon, the commander of the brigade where Sharon served, wrote to the family:” Sharon firmly believed in the justice of his choice and was proud to belong to the Nahal Brigade. The press extensively covered the story of Sharon’s disappearance, documenting the search for him and finding his body. Sharon’s family set up an association that aims to perpetuate Sharon’s life and help prevent similar incidents from recurring. The association is involved in raising awareness among IDF soldiers about the danger of hitchhikering and is involved in the following activities: encouraging and supporting Torah culture and establishing a “Kollel” in the settlement of Zanoh, publishing a memorial book and documentary film, From where he was abducted to where his body was found; The Sharon School of Basketball in Beit Shemesh, the establishment of a public park in Moshav Zanoh, in cooperation with the Mateh Yehuda Regional Council and the Moshav Zanoah, and a memorial to Sharon, as well as a gathering area and playgrounds. Competitions and tournaments.

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