Schechter, Menachem

Schechter, Menachem

Menachem, son of Sarah and Peretz, was born on August 31, 1952 in Haifa, He studied at the AD Gordon Elementary School and at the Kiryat Haim High School, and from an early age he was very intellectually articulate, with clear thinking, healthy logic, ability to analyze, and a thorough and thorough approach to studies. He wrote a book without reading it to the end, and thus swallowed up huge amounts of books in various areas: literature, scientific literature, light literature and “detectives.” For years Menachem was a member of the Hanoar Haoved movement and went to labor camps all over the country. Very much from the social activities in the movement and from the trips he took in the landscapes of the country, which he loved very much. In high school he was active in the Gadna-Air, He also liked to listen to music, he was a collector of record, and in his great collection he coordinated various records from classical to pop music ‘.
Menachem was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in mid-November 1970 and served in the Golani Brigade, where he underwent a platoon commander’s course and a paratroopers course. Although he had pacifist views, Menachem fulfilled his duties faithfully and devotedly and ascended the ranks. He has always been the first to help the friend and the bandits hand the stragglers in a difficult journey and the difficult training they underwent in the Golani Brigade. After his discharge he prepared to study at the Technion, in the Faculty of Chemistry, and in the last months of his service he was already preparing for the entrance examinations. From every holiday at home he went out to the battalion equipped with books and notebooks, and so he did when he was summoned to his unit on the eve of Yom Kippur. In the Yom Kippur War, Menahem fought in the ‘Barak’ Brigade, in the Golani Brigade, in the battles of containment and break-up in the Golan Heights front. On October 9, 1973, he was hit and killed in a battle against the Syrians near the village of Bukata. He was brought to eternal rest in the Haifa cemetery. Survived by his parents and brother. After his fall, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant.

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