Rubinstein, Yigal

Rubinstein, Yigal

Yigal, son of Tzofia and Yehoshua, was born on 26.11.1953 in Rosh Pina, Where he attended the local state elementary school. From childhood, he was characterized by traits that did not change even as he grew older. He was an active, curious, very sociable child and willing to help anyone. He was always at the center of the company and his house was full of friends. He was very proud of his hometown, which he said had a special atmosphere. After graduating from elementary school, he moved to ORT vocational high school in Netanya where he specialized in electronics. He was always running and hurrying, loved to spend and live, but all this did not prevent him from successfully completing his matriculation exams. In his youth he had acquired many hobbies: photography, sailing, playing basketball and collecting ancient coins.
Yigal was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in early February 1972 and assigned to the Armored Corps, where he successfully completed a tank training course, a tank artillery course, and a tank commander course. Yigal always had something to say – whether about education problems or about other problems. He had a special position in the company. He treated his apprentices with great consideration, tried to understand them, to be sociable rather than arbitrary. Yigal was the most beloved officer in the company, and his attitude was respectful and affectionate, and his team performed exercises perfectly, and he worked hard with them and saw results. ” “I have often sent Yigal to take care of a rebel team that was not heard by its commander, and Yigal, the leader from birth, managed to straighten things out,” said his commander. His commander, Avshalom, added: “Yigal was my sergeant, and I was always proud that my sergeant was the best of them all. In the Yom Kippur War, he fought with his unit on the northern front. The unit commander said: “On the first day of the fighting, the deputy company commander was hurt. Yigal was the first to come and rescue him. He did not lose his temper in the fire of battle and took the wounded man to the evacuation point. When he returned, it occurred to me that he could have seized the opportunity to arm and refuel. He seemed to have read my mind and reported to me that he had already refueled the tank. All the time of the difficult war he had a high morale. He threw jokes right and left. He had faced death several times and had not lost his composure. He was surprisingly quick. Was the one who noticed a Syrian enemy standing in our back and who warned me of the missile fire and saved my life. When the fighting began, Yigal and his soldiers were the first to break into the Syrian territory. “On October 12, 1973, Yigal fought at the head of the force that penetrated Tel Ahmar, during which a shell hit his tank and Yigal fell. He left behind his parents, two brothers and a sister, and was promoted to the rank of First Sergeant,

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