Meirovitch, Yehuda

Meirovitch, Yehuda

Yehuda, son of Sarah and Abraham Meirovitch, was born on May 2, 1915, in the city of Marinapol, Lithuania. He acquired the profession of chemistry. He went on a pioneering training program and a year later immigrated to Israel and was accepted as a member of Kibbutz Givat Brenner.
Yehuda quickly adapted to the working conditions on the kibbutz and was sent to fill various positions in the Haganah and gained trust and respect for his organizational abilities. He married a member of Kibbutz Hulata and moved with her to her kibbutz, then to Kiryat Binyamin near Haifa. He worked in the port of Haifa, later as a chemist at the Naaman factory and finally at the Tzavon factory in Kfar Ata,
With the outbreak of the War of Independence, Yehuda immediately joined the service in the “Carmeli” brigade, despite being the father of two daughters, and was sent as deputy commander of a platoon to the outpost near the Arab village of Damon. There he showed paternal concern for his subordinates and excellent organizational talent.
He participated in various combat operations and on the 13th of Tamuz, July 20, 1948, he was called to lead his platoon to conquer the village of Damon. In a car, holding 12 hand grenades on his knees, his car ran over a mine and the grenades exploded in his lap.
He was taken to nearby Kibbutz Mishmar Hayam, where he died a few hours later. Yehuda was buried in Kfar Ata. On the 7th of Kislev 5711 (November 16, 1950) he was transferred to eternal rest in the military cemetery in Haifa.

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