Malka-Greenberg, Tzachi

Malka-Greenberg, Tzachi

Ben Shoshana and Eli Malka. He was born on 28 January 1979. In his childhood his parents divorced and when he was four years old he moved to Metula with his mother, who married Asher Grinberg, a lively, sociable and diligent child who loved to work in orchards, even though it was hard work. Tzachi began his studies at the “Hanadiv” elementary school in Metula, and despite his difficulties in writing, due to learning disabilities, he continued his regular studies thanks to the help and support he received. Tzachi did his high school studies in the open class at the Har V’Gei High School, and from an early age his great love was given to Mosi He loved rock ‘n’ roll and listened to the “Mashina” and “Led Zeppelin” bands, and he loved to spend time with his friends, and he spent most of his time with his best friends, Ido and Yoni. : In the factories, in Magen David Adom, in the clinic and in every other field of volunteering, when he grew up, he loved to make a living and drive tractors and tractors because of his young age he used to stop the tractor standing up, Cooling. In August 1997, Tzachi was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces, and in the first two years of his service, Tzachi served as the personal liaison of a brigade commander in the Golan Heights. An outstanding soldier. “When the brigade commander completed his position in the Golan Heights and moved to serve in the south, Tzachi asked to continue serving in the north, which he loved so much, and went to serve in the ‘Hero’ Brigade. Tzahi wanted to spare his mother constant concern for his well-being and told her that he was serving at the rear base of the Northern Command Jeff brother Aviram experiences from Lebanon. On weekends, he would call his girlfriend Dana spend with her. He made sure to spend some family time, play and chat with his younger brothers – Aviram, and Sharon Eyal. Tzahi has remained for another six months until his release from the army. He made plans to travel to India and Australia with his girlfriend Dana and his good friends. Afterward, he intended to complete his matriculation exams, so that he could be admitted to agricultural studies at the university. On Monday, January 31, 2000, three days after he was twenty-one years old, Tzachi fell in battle in Lebanon. This happened while he was in an observation post at the Gilgal outpost in southern Lebanon, a few kilometers from Metula, and tried, together with the liaison officer, to send an urgent message to the base in Israel. At that moment, a rocket fired by Hizbullah struck the position. Tzahi was killed along with the brigade liaison officer, Major Tidhar Tempelhof and First Sergeant Lior Niv, who was buried in the military section of the cemetery in Metula, and was promoted to the rank of First Sergeant. In the course of the past five months, during which a special relationship was established between us, which I was well acquainted with: an external roughness that concealed sensitivity, unlimited devotion, which merged with Tzachi with directness and amazing simplicity, and created a modest, Thus, his home, in the region he loved so much, symbolizes more than anything his belief in our right to live in peace and security. “

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