Lichtman, Moshe

Lichtman, Moshe

Son of Leah and alexander Was born on August 30 1926 in the city of Cluj, Transylvania, then Hungary and then Romania, where he began to study in the community school and in 1935 immigrated to Israel with his mother and sister,wasgoodin art.after 6th grade He studied the profession and worked there for a number of years, and after that he studied for a few years, He worked in a British Army workshop for frames and was a member of the Gordonia youth movement, he liked music and during his free time he learned to play various instruments. He also learned how to expand his ability to work in life, and his friends recognized him as a cheerful member, playing and dancing and elevating the mood of the group.On December 2, 1947, immediately after the United Nations General Assembly resolution of 29 November 1947, From his work with the British and five days later volunteered for the Hagana. He served in the Haganah in Haifa’s defense, close to his father who served in the” Mishmar haam”
in every opportunity, he warned his father to look after himself, but he was not careful and volunteered to serve in the most dangerous positions. And served as a driver in an armored unit in the last few months, where he volunteered for every difficult and dangerous mission, and participated in the battles near Metula and Mishmar HaYarden, On December 15, 1948, he was killed in a coup and rode between Tarshiha and Fassuta, and was brought to rest at the military cemetery in Haifa.

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