Katsavich, Rani (Rancho)

Katsavich, Rani (Rancho)

Son of Tzvia and Moshe. He was born on October 14, 1974 in Kiryat Tivon, to Eldar and to Gilly. “I gave him everything you can give: a song and a smile and legs to dance, a gentle hand and a trembling Lev and what will I bring you more?” (Rachel Shapira, “Ma Avrech”). Anyone who knew Rani knows – Rani is blessed with everything. A child with a smile that does not leave his Yaffa face, a Lev feels and a refined soul. An outstanding athlete, a good student, a beloved guide and a loyal friend. There were many who got to be his friends, the children from the elementary school and the neighborhood, the boys and girls from high school and the guys from the army. Everywhere he went, he returned with friends and was a friend. He understood that he had won special friendship, friendship with a boy who could appreciate people, who knew how to love and invest in the relationship. A guy with an irresistible charm. Along with the great social involvement, he found time to stroll with an elderly wife on her daily journey, with love and patience. When he enlisted, there was no substitute for him, because the old wife wanted only “like Rani.” But as Rani does not exist. Rani enlisted in the IDF on March 22, 1993, for basic training of the Givati ​​Brigade. He was proud and Simcha when he finished a combat paramedics course with honors and returned to his unit as a medic. Three weeks later, on the eve of Yom Kippur, Rani fell on a terrible journey that began against all odds – a stretcher journey, which was carried out in flagrant violation of the safety instructions in practice. Only four soldiers were able to see the marks on the stretcher, and Rani’s commanders failed to see the signs and ordered Rani to carry the stretcher without being replaced until his strength exhausted.Rancho was laid to rest in the military section of the Kiryat Tivon cemetery, and his parents, Zivia and Moshe, More than Son of, he was a loving and charming friend, and his brother, Eldar, had a special brother, and his friend, Ayelet, had more than a friend. And after his death, the family joined his sister Gili, a baby girl who learns to know a loved one who is not. “This boy is now an angel, no longer blessed and no longer blessed. God, God, if you were to give him life “

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