Greenberg, Avraham

Greenberg, Avraham

Avraham, son of Sarah and Samuel, was born on 10.11.1951 in Wroclaw, Poland, and immigrated to Israel with his family in 1957. Avraham was drafted into the IDF in early November 1970 and assigned to the Artillery Corps, where he completed an officer’s course. After completing his officer’s course, he was assigned to an artillery unit in the Golan Heights as a lieutenant-colonel, and in his commander’s view, Avraham had a promising future as an excellent artillery officer. He was killed in battle on 12 Tishrei, 8.10.1973. He was brought to rest in the cemetery in Metula, leaving behind his parents, brothers and sister.

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  • Name: אסף סורוצקי
    Relationship: אח

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