Gilman, Yaakov

Gilman, Yaakov

Yaakov was the son of Shoshana and Avraham, born on the 7th of Adar, February 26, 1920 in Tel-Aviv. He studied at the Montefiore vocational school and specialized in chemistry. From the beginning of his youth he was an active member in the Haganah and in 1941 he was drafted. During the Italian bombardment of Tel Aviv, he was active
in the Auxiliary Battalion of the Tel Aviv Fire Brigade.
With the outbreak of the War of Independence, he immediately went into full service and volunteered for defense positions within the borders of Tel-Aviv and the Southern Front. and was given many responsible positions. During the bombing of the Or Zohar Synagogue in Neveh. Yaakov was wounded by the British. After he recovered, he went to a commanders’ course. When he finished he returned home for a short time. He joined the IDF and was stationed in Tzrifin as a training officer. In early July 1948, before the end of the first truce, he was transferred to a combat battalion and devoted himself diligently to execute combat exercises. His comrades-in-arms recognized him as quiet, devoted and caring for his family and friends,”he is interested in the problems of others and helps as much as possible with advice and practical solutions.” He had a sense of responsibility and deep national consciousness. Yaakov was stationed near Lod after renewed battles began. Later on, he and his company left for Deir Tarif
to cover the retreat of another company because of an enemy counterattack. During the battle, on the 5th of Tamuz, July 12, 1948, when he tried to help the wounded in the deadly fire, he was hit and died. Yaakov was laid to rest in the military cemetery at Nachalat Yitzchak.

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