Eitan Hachamov

Eitan Hachamov

Son of Tzivya and Nechemya. Born in Tel Aviv on December 6, 1948, he studied at the Katznelson. Eitan was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in mid-November 1966. After basic training he completed a tank artillery course and was sent to serve in an armored brigade in the south of the country, where his unit participated in the conquest of the Sinai Peninsula, After the war, he successfully completed a tank commander course and served during the War of Attrition as a tank commander and as a sergeant of a platoon, in an armored unit in the Suez Canal He told us about his military service and his operational activities In October 1969, Eitan was discharged from regular service and assigned to an armored unit of the Armored Corps, where he learned to operate Russian tanks that were put into operational use in the IDF. One of his commanders said: “We were not close friends and we never spoke long, but I was always Simcha to see him … There was something about him from the boy, pure, honest, humble and yet brave and cool, Studied at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Political Science and International Relations. He completed his studies successfully and was certified as a university graduate in social sciences. He was about to begin his studies towards the degree of “Master of Science”, but was unable to fulfill his ambition. In 1971 he began working in the Ministry of Finance in the Income Tax Division. He was a devoted and loyal worker, known for his skill and his serious and profound approach to his work. He was involved in social life in Jerusalem. Among his friends were students from the Hebrew University and colleagues at the Finance Ministry. Together with them they toured the city, its unique sites and landscapes, went out to watch movies and theater plays and visited special restaurants in the city. His home in Jerusalem, which was tastefully arranged, was open to every guest and excelled in a pleasant atmosphere and warm hospitality, and Eitan purchased many albums that attested to his excellent taste in choosing music. During the Yom Kippur War, Eitan took part in the battle against the Egyptians in the central sector of the Suez Canal, opposite the Firdan Bridge, in the battle that took place on October 15, 1973, Eitan received an order to catch the tank He replaced another tank that was hit, and on his way to the new position, anti-tank missiles were fired at him. He managed to warn the tanks and other half-tracks, and managed to remove them from the danger zone before he was hit and killed by the enemy fire, exposed to the commander’s turret. He was brought to ManoOld-timers in the cemetery in Kiryat Shaul. Survived by his parents and sister. After his fall, he was promoted to First Sergeant.

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