Bernard Brami

Bernard Brami

Bernard, son of Rina and Saul, was born on April 6, 1954 in France, studied in an elementary school in Paris and at an ORT vocational school in Paris, and in 1960 his family immigrated to Israel for the first time and after a few years returned to France. Born in 1972, Bernard completed his studies in general mechanics and car-making, and spent most of his life in France where he studied and worked in his profession, and when he emigrated to Israel with his family, he took great pains to help support the family, Bernard was a quiet and serious young man, very intelligent and sympathetic to his friends and friends. He was handsome, broad-shouldered and blue-eyed, with a well-developed sense of justice and often quarreling with others, intervening and struggling for justice and deprivation. He took care of all the financial problems of the family and did everything in his power to save his father’s anxiety, supported him with money and moral and spiritual encouragement, and was recognized as a disciplined, Golani. ” He was a disciplined soldier and loved by his commanders and friends in the “Gideon” battalion of the brigade. He always helped friends during difficult hours of arduous training and was a focus of social activity. In the army he also excelled in his sense of justice and in his struggles for his comrades in arms. During his military service, Bernard studied Hebrew. He served mainly in the Golan Heights, in the city of Kuneitra and in the Hermon region. When the Yom Kippur War broke out, Bernard Rubai was a fighter in the company that held the Hermon post. At the beginning of the battle for the outpost, which was attacked by the Syrians, Bernard was wounded. But he continued to fight and in an attempt to repel the Syrians, he was hit and killed on October 7, 1973. He was brought to eternal rest in the cemetery in Kiryat Shaul. Survived by his parents, three sisters and a brother. After his fall, he was promoted to corporal. In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, his commander wrote that Bernard had performed his role as a combatant in the Hermon post perfectly and was a model, courage, dedication and loyalty. Words in Bernard’s memory were published in Gideon’s “Battalion Martyrs’ Book” during the Yom Kippur War.

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