Benjamin Dvash

Benjamin Dvash

Benjamin Dvash, son of Naomi and Tzuri. Born on the 12th of Adar 5763 in Kfar Saba. Brother to Dror and Ami.

Benny (Benjamin), a child who is calm and happy, is named after my grandfather’s father, and his affectionate name was “Bambi.” During his first years of life, his family lived in Ramat Colony, later Hod Hasharon. When he was four and a half, the family moved to Beer Sheva. From grades 1 to 4 he attended Neta’im Elementary School, and in grades 5 to 8 he attended Degania Elementary School in the city.

Benny did not like the usual school methods and preferred to devote time to his hobbies and friends. As a child and an adult he was very friendly, always surrounded by his good friends and loved to host and organize parties on the terrace. He played football with the neighborhood kids and took the game very seriously and professionally. My son has kept in touch all his life with his friends from all walks of life, kindergarten and elementary school.

When he was thirteen, he was sent to a military boarding school – “The Acre Officers’ School,” from his father’s view that only rigid and rigorous military education would enrich the gentle and sociable boy for “real life.” In the boarding school he had to put in the effort and meet high demands, but thanks to his intelligence he was able to overcome the difficulties and make new friends and a toolbox for life. He lived, studied and educated at the boarding school for five years, returning to his home in Beer Sheva once every two weeks and holidays. In the eleventh grade, during the Six Day War, he was sent with other students to help with kibbutzim.

Benny had a sporting and competitive character, and he invented a host of competitions with his friends. Played in the mats, wrestled and swam.

Other hobbies of his were Israeli, Spanish, and Italian poetry and music, and his favorite artists were Toto Catoño, Adriano Celentano, Amalia Rodriguez and Nana Mushkuri.

At the end of 12th grade, he served for a year in the merchant navy as part of his training and sailed several times from Haifa to Mexico and back. Then, in 1970, he enlisted in the Navy. Although he could serve as an officer due to his academic background, he preferred to be a regular soldier to avoid giving orders To his friends and not to patronize them, the knowledge and skills he acquired at the boarding school gave him self-confidence and pride and brought him to flourishing and prosperity in the military service.

He was assigned to serve on the “Haifa missile” missile ship. Due to his excellent hearing, he was assigned to work with Sonar, a deep-sea submarine technology. During his training, he underwent a diving course in the Kishon River so that he could handle the ship in case of suspicion of dredging.

In 1973, shortly after he was released from the IDF, the Yom Kippur War broke out. Benny very much wanted to join the fighters on the missile ships, but reserve soldiers were not allowed to serve in these ships, so he volunteered for the Civilian Defense Force (JG) and served as a truck driver for transporting supplies. Of emergency products. In the following years, he served in the reserve and even fought at the front in the First Lebanon War in 1982.

After military service, he began working as a truck driver with his father, who ran the transport company “Beersheba Movers”. This work was not easy, but Benny loved the long trips and enjoyed reaching the coastal cities of the Sinai Peninsula like Nueva and Sharm el-Sheikh. The sea was the love of his life, he swam, dived and surfed there. Long driving and experiences have opened him up to beloved worlds;

In another chapter of his life, he joined the restaurant staff whose brother Dror opened in Mitzpe Ramon. The two became close friends. Customers and staff enjoyed his company and appreciated his personality and willingness to help anyone, including customers who couldn’t pay for their meal.

Despite his muscular and tanned appearance, my son was a gentle, sensitive and tender man. He used to say: “A person’s true self is not what he does but what he feels.” Understanding the importance of fantasy and believing it to be above human experience, he said that we always “stiffen the doors of paradise”, meaning to experience life with an “almost” feeling, which there is always something to hope for. He was a poet and wrote many songs.

Benny was a romantic. He first met the love of his life, Esti Tikochinsky, at the Barracks Club in Beer Sheva. She captured his heart and he became friends with her, but only after a year did he dare to reveal her heart to her. Since then she has been courting her stubbornly, waiting for her for hours and surprising her with bouquets. At the beginning of July 1979, they married, also Brother Dror married on the same day.

Benny wrote poems to his wife. One of them, full of humor, titled “And my darling” written on a simple note: “I’m on my way to Ashdod / And on my way to this wonderful port city I went / Shopping at Pinchas / Son of the Mordechai / Tzaddik family, And in my return to our arid city Echo / The village and I’ll buy you eggplant / Yefi shows. Indeed, dear life / beautiful and beautiful / more! I’ll be back with the twilight / and I’ll kiss with a kiss / France. My son. ”

The couple had two children, Gilad and Yarin. He was a loving and dedicated father who spent hours spending time with his children. His son Gilad said: “It is clear to me that all Dad wanted to end a grueling work day of a truck driver, not the most luxurious job in the world, was to come home, take a shower, change clothes and rest, but no, Dad had time, he helped me climb into the cabin, sat down Next to me and gave me ‘to drive’ and walk with him.

At the age of thirty-seven, in 1986, cancer was discovered in his body. The deterioration was rapid. During this time, he returned to live with his parents to protect his children from the dire situation. His loving wife continued to treat him with love and devotion at his parents’ home. His friends from all walks of life – from childhood, from educational settings, and from military service – accompanied, strengthened, and supported the family. Benny retained his smile and optimism and tried to see the good in the difficult experiences as well, but in January 1988 his strength waned.

Binyamin died on Saturday (28.1.1988) on his death. He was brought to rest in the new cemetery in Be’er Sheva. He left a wife, two sons, parents, and two brothers. Letters to his name: “My dear husband, father, son and brother / We will deal with you / May your memory be blessed // Your image forever with our people / Our dearest son / You have served your life in the middle of its terror”.

A few years after his death, it became clear that the cancer of his illness was the result of diving in Kishon during his military service.

His brother Dror wrote: “I will always remember him as the hero and beloved brother, who in my view was not an unmistakable difficulty, extraordinary strength, and power, a loving and caring father, a soulmate who loved to enjoy life in the simplest way, spending time at sea, coffee or dancing, never a dick Eyes, did not patronize others, lived modestly, and what he did – always did with faith and with all seriousness and love. ”

Benny is immortalized with all the navy spaces. In 2017, a memorial book “Every Space Has a Name” was commemorated by the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Education, the municipality of Beer Sheva and the Yad Laban organization. At the beginning of the book, his wife wrote: “Almost thirty years of infinite … of incessant yearning … a bleeding wound from which to close. You are with me and you are not. We had wonderful years of huge love, which we will forever win.”

His resting place is the civilian cemetery of Beer Sheva-Chadash
Region: 3 Area: 3 Line: 1 Tomb: 9

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