Avidar, Yuval

Avidar, Yuval

Yuval, son of Chasida and Eldad, was born on 24.12.1950 in Kibbutz Yiftah in the Naftali Mountains of the Upper Galilee and is the kibbutz’s eldest son. He spent his childhood in Yiftach and Kibbutz Hagoshrim, where the family moved in 1953. After four years, the family moved to the Afridar neighborhood of Ashkelon, where his father returned to serve in the IDF as a senior officer in the Armored Corps. He studied at the Tagar Municipal School in Afridar-Ashkelon, as a student in the reality program.
Throughout the years of his studies, Yuval was prominent in his quick perception and excellence in studies. His matriculation certificate is excellent. But in addition, he was prominent in the unique personality and diversity of his interests and activities. He was a member of the basketball team of the “Hapoel” in Ashkelon and was a member of the soccer division of the Youth Division of the Ashkelon Municipality Yuval completed youth lifeguards He toured Israel back and forth, In the Six-Day War, while he was still in school he volunteered for national service in kibbutz “Ruchama”.
Yuval’s main hobby was the collection of antique coins, he was very interested in this field, read many books on the subject and collected coins at every opportunity – on his trips around the country and especially in the sand dunes of Ashkelon. Thus he managed to acquire a large and impressive collection of coins, which remained in his estate. Yuval spent long hours reading books since he learned to read. He has read many books in various fields: literature, poetry, science, and history. As an adolescent, he became especially interested in the fields of psychology and society, and even in psycho-psychology. Yuval was a dominant figure in his company, engaged in public activity in the school and, with excellent writing ability, used to write notes and poems about various social events. Many of them remained in his estate. Yuval was a loyal partner for underwater hunting, He also stood out for his outward appearance; A tall, handsome boy with a deep, persuasive voice, a kindly face and shapely body parts. his personality was unique and outstanding in his entirety with himself and with the environment.
Yuval was drafted into the IDF in early August 1969 and volunteered for the Armored Corps after finishing basic training and a training program as a tankist – a course for tank commanders, a basic officer course and an armored officer course. , As a deputy company commander and commander of a company, trained many “generations” of tank commanders and remembered many as a guideAs an example of a commander, who aspired to be like him. While serving in the army, his father was discharged from the army and the family – his parents, his sister Orit and his younger brother Omri – settled in Moshav Beit Zeit on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Where Yuval spent his vacations and participated in an expression of opinion, in planning and in action – in the rehabilitation and construction of the agriculture and the courtyard. During his service in the army, Yuval was known as an excellent professional commander, with organizational abilities and a serious approach to every task he was assigned. After completing his service in the IDF in October 1973, Yuval was enrolled in the economics and psychology departments at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. On the day that the Yom Kippur War broke out and he was already in the midst of his discharge, he was called to the Armored Corps Headquarters and was immediately placed as the commander of a tank company in one of the units sent to Sinai. He organized his company for a whole night – reserve company – and the next day the force fell to Sinai. For four consecutive days, Yovel fought with his company in the braking battles, especially in the central sector. On the tenth day of Tishrei 5734 (10.10.1973), in the afternoon, Yuval was hit and killed on the tank, from which he commanded his company in the Habraga area, opposite the Firdan Bridge and the Suez Canal. He was first buried in the Harai cemetery in Mishmar Hanegev and a year later was brought to eternal rest in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. After his fall, he was promoted to captain, leaving behind his parents, a sister, a young brother and a large family. In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, his commander wrote: “Your son, Captain Yuval, served in our unit as a company commander. He proved himself to be an excellent professional, courageous and devoted. He was popular and admired for his soldiers and stood out to his my friends

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