Assaf Wax

Assaf Wax

Son of Shoshana and Dov. Born on November 15, 1974 in Tel Aviv, Assaf attended the Golda Meir elementary school in Holon where the family lived and in a biochemistry course at the Mitrani High School. He was a tall and strong boy, with perseverance and a passion for excellence in every field in which he worked, sensitive and beautiful, and from the age of thirteen to seventeen he was part of the Betar soccer team in Holon. He was loved and loved by all his acquaintances, and the object of the girls’ love. On Purim 1992, a terrorist attacked his schoolchildren while celebrating a “real time” dance in Jaffa. In March 1993, Assaf enlisted in the IDF and was assigned to the Givati ​​Brigade, where he served for two years and completed a sergeant course with honors. He was sent to a course for infantry officers, but after his hearing was damaged in a training accident, he was unable to continue the course, and he was assigned as a noncom of weapons in the field forces headquarters. His commanders and soldiers remember him as an outstanding soldier, conspicuous in his strength and stature, in his quick perception and in the high motivation he displayed in every position and mission. In the last year of his life, he was completely in love with Meirav. Together they devised plans for a common future. On the last day of the liberation vacation, on the eve of Purim, on the 4th of Adar 5756 (March 4, 1996) Assaf was killed in a terrorist attack on Dizengoff Center in Tel Aviv, in which 13 people were killed. His sister, Meital, was critically wounded in the same attack. Survived by his parents, sister – Meital and two brothers – Sharon and Eitan. Assaf was laid to rest in the military cemetery in Holon. He was twenty-one years old when he fell. After his death, Col. Meir, the commander of the unit in which Assaf served, wrote: “Assaf served our people in the armored corps for more than a year, and was a soldier and a friend in the true sense When I told his commander that his subordinate, Assaf, had been killed, he said with tremendous pain, after a moment of silence: “What a nice guy, how did it happen to him, the last person I thought would happen to him.

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