Zvi (Gregor) Lankis

Zvi (Gregor) Lankis

Son of Yosef and Rachel (Reize). Born in Lodz, Russia, on June 23, 1947, he studied in the Peretz elementary and high school, completed his matriculation exams, and then immigrated to Israel in 1966. During his free time he played football with He liked to invest himself in literature related to history and geography and the real professions – especially mathematics, because he wanted to study these subjects at the school in Jerusalem he was accepted to, a good son who cared for his family and also a good student who was praised by his teachers. He was recruited in November 1967 and assigned to the Armored Corps. In the army he excelled as a soldier and in his unit he was appointed as a junior commander. On March 26, 1968, while on duty, an artillery fire occurred near the Deir Suer outpost opposite Ismailia, where the Corps was located and then died. He was laid to rest at the military cemetery in Kiryat Shaul. He spent about ten months in the unit and for a short period of time “willingly and enthusiastically fulfilled every command he had been given to carry out,” as the commander of his unit wrote to his parents in a letter of condolences to them. “Since he was one of the outstanding soldiers in the unit, he received a commanding role over his comrades.”

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