Ze’ev Orlov

Ze’ev Orlov

Son of Feiga-Zelda and Dov. Born in 1900 in the town of Czrykonstantinovski, Yekaterinoslav, Russia, he immigrated to Israel with his parents and settled in Petah Tikva, where he studied at the Netzach Yisrael Talmud Torah until the age of Bar Mitzvah. The burden of supporting the seven-member family, as well as the management of the business, were imposed on Ze’ev, and his brothers and sisters were educated not as a brother but as a father who took great part in their development and guidance. To Israel, Ze’ev volunteered for the Jewish Legion and organized the guarding of Petah Tikva together with Avshalom Gissin He served in the army until the battalion was disbanded, returned to Petah Tikva, and again engaged in the work of the wagon drivers. The work of the land was liked by him and together with his friends in Bnei Binyamin embroidered the great dream to settle desolate places.When the Haganah organized in 1921, Ze’ev was one of the first to join it and was of great benefit to him thanks to his military knowledge acquired by the Jewish Legion. During the great Arab attack on Petach Tikvah in 1921, Ze’ev Orlov was one of the first defenders to fight the rioters. On the outskirts of the settlement, Avshalom Gissin, Haim Zvi Greenstein and Nathan Rapaport fell on the 27th of Nisan 5761 He was laid to rest in the cemetery in Petach Tikvah, and his memoirs appeared in “The Book of the Haganah Members in Petach Tikvah and the Surroundings” and in the “Day of the Day” newspaper.

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