Ze’ev Erenfeld

Ze’ev Erenfeld

Major Ze’ev Erenfeld, son of Tovah and Asher. Ze’ev was born on December 25,1979 in Jerusalem, a young brother of Chaya Bluma and Menachem Avidan. Ze’ev was drafted into the IDF on February 10, 1998. After completing his officer service, he continued to serve in the Intelligence Corps and was head of the logistics department in his unit.
Ze’ev lived in Petah Tikva with his wife Sarah Shiri, his son Yosef Haim and his daughter Hodaya Pnina. Major-General Ze’ev Ehrenfeld fell during his duties on Monday, October 11, 2018. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, leaving a wife, son and daughter, parents, brother and sister. He was 38 years old.

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