Yitzhak-Beeri (Itzik) Mazon

Yitzhak-Beeri (Itzik) Mazon

Chief Officer Yitzhak-Beeri (Itzik) Mazon, son of Miriam and Yeruham. Born on the 1st of  Nissan 5744 (9.4.1965) in Jerusalem. The third child of his parents, brother of Chaim, Amalia Or-Chen and Naama.

On August 21, 1992, Yitzhak-Barry, a resident of Jerusalem, joined the Israeli police. He served as an officer in the Intelligence and Investigations Division.

Yitzhak-Barry (Itzik) Mazen’s command fell during his position on the twelfth day of Kislev 5712 (19.11.2018). He was fifty-three years old fell. He was brought to rest in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. Survived by parents, two sisters and a brother.

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