Witner, Avi

Witner, Avi

Son of Leah and Yisrael. Born in Holon on January 12, 1959. Avi studied at the Sirkin Elementary School and at the ORT vocational school in Holon, specializing in electronics, and from an early age he belonged to Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed. Avi loved literature, sports, and participated in the journal of his movement in writing articles, where he was considered a talented and industrious student, and he always wanted to be “first.” He was surrounded by friends who admired him When he was in third grade, Avi began to play the accordion, and he continued to play until he finished elementary school. Avi was interested in the history of Israel and in the history of the Land of Israel, he read about the systems in Israel and he traveled a lot to get to know the places he was in. Prior to his induction into the IDF, he was asked to enlist in a professional corps, as a high school graduate in electronics. Avi preferred to serve in the Nahal Brigade, and before joining the army, he went with his nucleus to Kibbutz Beit Guvrin. At the end of basic training, he was commended as an outstanding trainee. He passed a series of courses, including a parachuting course, a course for APC drivers and a squadron commander course. In January 1979, Avi was promoted to corporal, and in September of that year he was promoted to the rank of sergeant and sent to the officers’ course. First he commanded a platoon, and in February 1981 he rose to the rank of lieutenant and took command of a company. After completing his regular service, Avi continued to serve for another year in the career army, and in 1982 he was discharged from the army in order to continue his academic studies at Bar-Ilan University. Avi enrolled in the Faculty of Economics, and at the same time worked as a bank clerk. Two months after his marriage, the Peace for the Galilee war broke out, and Avi was drafted and commanded a mortar company. On 3 Tamuz, June 24, 1982, in a battle on the Beirut-Damascus road, Syrian shelling began, Avi was killed. He was 23 years old when he died. Defense Minister Ariel Sharon wrote to his family: “Avi was a very professional, responsible and efficient officer, who strove to advance the subjects of his responsibility and achieved many achievements.” The commander of his unit wrote: “Avi showed a strong desire to fulfill his role perfectly, and his friends told of his coolness in his last moments before the fatal shell fell, and he made sure to disperse the vehicles of the unit under his command in order to reduce the number of casualties. Thanks to him, the lives of many soldiers were saved.” Avi was laid to rest in the cemetery in Holon. After he fell he was promoted to captain. He left behind a wife, parents, brother and sister.

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