Weiss, Ari-Yehoshua

Weiss, Ari-Yehoshua

Ari was the son of Rabbi Stewart and Susie Weiss. He was born on 22.10.1980 in Dallas, Texas, United States. Ari, the third of 6 children and the eldest son, immigrated to Israel with his family and settled in Ra’anana in 1992.
Ari attended the Yavneh elementary school in Ra’anana and completed his high school studies at the “Midreshet Noam” in Pardes Hannah.
Ari stood out as a scholar and a sensitive and gentle man. “He was kind and never complained,” testified the Rosh Yeshivat Bnei Akiva. Ari loved life, loved people and was admired by all. He excelled in sports, especially basketball, volleyball. He enjoyed various kinds of activities: he was a pleasant conversationalist, and enjoyed a quiet walk on the beach but also loved to sing and dance, go on walks, listen to music, swim and play with his younger siblings.
Prior to his induction, Ari decided to study at a pre-military yeshiva in Tzfat. He loved Tzfat and his yeshiva studies and soon became the object of the admiration of all the members of the place, who had predicted great things for him. “I always said that after the army he would learn and be a very familiar person,” said his friend. “Ari was an exceptional person, intelligent, educated, and loved people, who always was there to advise them what to do and how to behave. He was an admired man, he was everything to me, a friend, brother, acquaintance and especially a close confidant. Someone I could talk to and know that everything said was straight from the heart.”
At the end of July 2000, Ari joined the Nahal Brigade, where he underwent combat training and many courses, including a paratrooper and a sniper course, and was trained as a combat soldier in the engineering and sabotage unit of the Nahal Brigade. Ari was an exceptional soldier, an excellent fighter and an outstanding sniper. Even during his military service, he attracted more and more friends, who became familiar with his amazing qualities and his absolute ability to give. His friends testified that he could be trusted at any time and in any situation. Ari often volunteered to stay at the base for Shabbat, in order to free his friends and allow them to go home. His friends were able to appreciate him for this: “He gave all his heart to the state and to religion … He was an amazing person, always took care of friends …” “He was number one, always had a quiet smile that cried out loud.”
When Ari came home for short breaks or weekends, to relax or just chill, it was always a celebration. The family would gather around him, listening eagerly to his stories, and his younger siblings would enjoy the attention he lavished on them. He barely slept, as if he knew his time was limited and it was a shame to spend it asleep. On the 24th of Tishrei 5763 (September 30, 2002) Ari fell in battle in Nablus at the age of twenty-one. Near the casbah of Nablus after a series of shooting incidents, at the entrance to the Hamas headquarters building, a sniper shot Ari and his friend as they were on guard duty. Ari was killed on the spot and his friend was wounded. According to the brigade commander, the operation carried out by the soldiers saved many civilian lives.
Ari was laid to rest at the Raanana military cemetery. Survived by his parents, three sisters – Pnina, Talia and Ayelet and two brothers – Eli and Yedidya.
After his death, he was promoted to First Sergeant. His cousin said with pain: “He was a charming and clever young man, and we in the family admired him for his wisdom, patience, and especially his desire to serve in the army … He was always loved because he was a special person … He was kind and kind. He will remain in my heart forever. ” Ari’s father eulogized him: “My heart is broken, I loved you so much, how did such a hero fall?” We called you Ari Yehoshua, and your initials are Aleph Yud, which also stands for Eretz Yisrael – we loved the Land of Israel.”

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