Triff, Rabia

Triff, Rabia

Rabia, son of Henia and Hussein Trif, was born in Magar, Galilee, on November 17, 1982. In 2000, at the end of his studies, Rabi’a joined the Border Police. A wave of terror struck the country at the time. One day a terrorist entered the central bus station in Afula and began to fire in all directions, hitting several people who were there. Rabia, who was at the station on his way to the base, chased the terrorist who had begun to flee and succeeded in hitting him. For this event, Rabia was highly respected at all levels, from the police command to then prime minister Arik Sharon.
Advanced Sergeant Rabia fell in the line of duty on 3.6.2015. He was laid to rest in the military section of the Magar cemetery. Survived by a father, brothers and sisters.

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