Tadmor, Moti (Mordechai)

Tadmor, Moti (Mordechai)

Son of Yehudit and Yitzhak, was born on November 14, 1954, in Kfar Sava. He spent his childhood in Ramat Gan, where he grew up and studied at the “Mordei Hagetaot” school (formerly Pardes). After graduating from elementary school, he continued to study at the ORT school in the fields of electricity and electronics, and at the same time worked in this field until he enlisted in the IDF. , With his family, and with the youth groups for trips and actively participated in them.In November 1972, Moti enlisted in the IDF, and as a matter of course he chose the Armored Corps. After the basic training period he was transferred to serve in the Armored Corps, and with it he fought in the Yom Kippur War. On the first day of the fighting, Moti was lightly injured in the eye, and was evacuated to a rear unit for treatment. Afterward they wanted to transfer him to the center of the country for further treatment, but he returned to his unit and continued to fight with his comrades. In January 1983, Moti was called to reserve duty in Lebanon. During his last vacation at home, he was ill and rushed to the hospital, but contrary to doctors’ instructions, Moti refused to be hospitalized because he felt obliged to return to the unit and replace other friends on vacation. Moti returned to his base after receiving a tranquilizer. (This exemplary act was even mentioned in the letter of the then Minister of Defense, Moshe Arens, to the bereaved family, after his death). A few days later, on the day before his release from reserve duty, his unit was sent to another unit to replace them, and on their way back to the base, they encountered a terrorist ambush near Ein Zahlata. Moti and his friend Rafi were killed, Moti was brought to rest in Nes Ziona. He left behind a wife, three children and parents, and his friends and neighbors in the Neve Nir neighborhood of Nes Ziona, where he lived.

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