Shorer, Ziv

Shorer, Ziv

Ziv, son of Sarah and Ephraim, was born on the 23rd of Adar 5709 (23.3.1949) in Tel Aviv. In 1955 his family moved to Nof yam in Herzliya, And there Ziv began to attend elementary school. Afterward, he continued his studies at the military boarding school of the “Reali” school in Haifa. Ziv’s mother, a teacher by profession, was born in Israel. His father, now a senior official in the El Al airline, was born in Russia and immigrated to Israel with his parents in 1923. He served in the British army in the Artillery Corps and was a graduate of an officers’ course in England and one of the founders of the IDF artillery corps. “His parents say that he was a lively, intelligent and sensitive child, yet very playful, and his classmates still remember his pranks, which he initiated and did in the school: Ziv was always cheerful and full of joy, and his friends in the neighborhood loved him and asked for his closeness. He was a student of great taste and imagination, and when he was in elementary school he tried to write an imaginary science book with one of his closest friends. When the family left for Turkey in 1960, following the father who was sent there on behalf of his employers, Ziv was full of sorrow, although he managed to be absorbed abroad, but as he confessed to his parents: “If I have to choose between parents without friends, and Israeli friends without parents – the friends are better. After two years of distress and longing for Israel, he returned to Israel and graduated with honors from the elementary school in Nof Yam, where he grew up and developed in the body and spirit. He turned into a strong broad, intelligent and clever man. Although he had many interests, he particularly liked the exact sciences. The wonders of the technique attracted him and especially interested in today’s popular profession – futurism. He made sure to maintain close contact with his family abroad, writing a lot and telling them details about everything that happened to him in Israel. During vacations he went to them and spent time with them, and he also knew Turkey and South Africa well. On his many walks he saw sights and experiences that enriched his soul and shaped his personality.
Ziv was drafted into the IDF at the end of November 1967 and was assigned to the Armored Corps, he completed his course with great success and excelled as a commander who knew how to lead After a brief period he was sent to the officers’ course, where he completed successfully and returned to his battalion as commander of the tank division, and he fought as a commander in the Suez Canal during the War of Attrition, and in the battles he excelled as an excellent commander. , Which does not lose its coolness and resourcefulness Under the fire, and was discharged from reserve duty in August 1971. In August 1971, he married his girlfriend Rachel and together they established their home in Herzliya and began studying at the university, where Ziv studied statistics and economics while Rachel studied sociology and music. The company captured fire positions in the area via the Hatam, on the Mitla road, and conducted a fierce battle against the enemy, which was barricaded on the ridges. On October 10, 1973, Ziv was hit by an enemy missile and was killed. He was brought to eternal rest in the cemetery in Kiryat Shaul. He left behind a wife, parents, brother, and two sisters.

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