Shmuel (Shmulik) Ben-Gershon

Shmuel (Shmulik) Ben-Gershon

Son of Zelina and Moshe, Shmuel was born on the 17th of Adar 5733 (17.3.1973) in Jerusalem. Shmulik’s childhood and youth were spent in Jerusalem, in the Ramat Eshkol neighborhood. He studied at the Yad Morah elementary school in the neighborhood, and at the same time, after being identified as a gifted child, he studied seven days a week at the Ofek school for gifted children. He graduated from junior high school and high school in Rene Cassin in the neighborhood. In high school, Shmulik was an outstanding student in the real world. Shmulik was preoccupied with many interests. The computer, which in 1980 was a fascinating new subject, computer languages, science-oriented youth groups in physics and electronics. Later, he was active in the Gadna Air Force, built and flew radio pilots – first as an apprentice and then as a counselor for two years – and took part in the Daya course, where he was active in the natureguard patrols of the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel Shmulik liked to cook, he appreciated good food, and developed taste and discernment in this field, and he was a good friend, pleasant, soft-spoken, a job Calm and quiet in his surroundings, modest and respectful in every person, yet with a high concentration, a developed sense of humor, S. Sam’s big dream was piloted. Indeed, very happy with joining the Army when, in late July, 1991, was accepted for pilot training. Shmulik graduated from the course in the summer of 1993 as a helicopter pilot. It was one of the happiest moments of his life, a dream come true. At the end of three years, with the transition to permanent service, Shmulik felt that his life was on track. He had a company he loved, Liat, he rented an apartment with a friend to the army, he had a car-he was happy. On Shmulik’s death on December 6, 1994, Shmulik was killed while carrying out a helicopter accident in Palmachim, and at the end of a training mission, Shmulik and his team were asked to lift the weight of the crane cable, He fell on his side and crashed on a tree, and Shmulik was twenty-one years old when he fell. Shmulik was buried in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. After his fall he was promoted to captain. Survived by his parents, Ofer, his brother, and his girlfriend Liat. His family commemorated him by setting up a physics and computer laboratory at the Renee Cassan High School, which was inaugurated in 1996. The lab is beautiful, opens horizons, full of student activity, as he liked. The family also established an observatory in its name, in the Valley of Ben Hinnom, near the Jerusalem Cinematheque, opposite Mount Zion that overlooks the valley and near the cliffs where they used to surf. The observatory was inaugurated on the third anniversary of its fall. His squadmates made a film in his memory. “Shmulik began his career as a navigational officer and after several months became commander of the Naval Division, and as a pilot he began to serve as one of the most responsible and complex positions in the squadron. This is the most important step after an aviation course, and it is not trivial to achieve, and its significance is to stand up to the navy for all the complex and complicated tasks that the pilot is required to do. High, Shmulik loved Ma D. fly and pushed himself to fly whenever possible. He was a good pilot, professional, mature and confident. We loved Shmuel and appreciated it much, we loved the peace and tranquility of his serenity and relaxation. We evaluated the way it carried out its work, the professionalism displayed by the HeckBackground and flight. The help and volunteerism, the stability and high morale, the eternal smile on the lips. “

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