Shir Hajaj

Shir Hajaj

Daughter of Meirav and Herzl, Shir was born on March 10, 1994 in Moshav Azaria, near Ramle. The eldest sister of Bar, Paz and Agam. On December 13, 2012, Shir, a resident of Ma’aleh Adumim, enlisted in the IDF and served in the Intelligence Corps towards the end of 2016. She was killed in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem on 8.1.2017. Deputy Yael Yekutiel, Deputy Lt. Erez Orbach and Deputy Shera Tzur were also injured in the attack on the promenade in Armon Hanatziv. Shir was twenty-three years old when she fell. She was laid to rest at the military cemetery on Mount Herzl, Jerusalem. Survived by parents and three sisters. After her fall, Shir was promoted to lieutenant.

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  • Name: הרצל
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