Samson Zeidner

Samson Zeidner

Son of Malka and Zvi Menachem. He was born in Mazor on September 1, 1973. He was the twin brother of Liron, the eldest son of a family of four, and lived three years later in Petah Tikva, where he studied at the ” Until the family moved to Rishon Letzion, he continued his studies at Reut, the junior high school Tabib and the Yigal Alon high school, and the school was not a significant part of Shimshi’s life, and he took only what interested him. “Ankori,” a beautiful year from his life in a different atmosphere: Shimshi was a tall, handsome boy, wise and intelligent, with an eternal smile on his face, and he exuded joy, joy and mischievousness that swept away those in his presence. Shallow jokes for him, as he told them, grabbed and dragged depth bursts of laughter, which gave the joke shelf life further. … He was never a quarrel. “When he awoke, he immediately wore pink glasses and saw through them the half-full glass, looking for the unifying and less the divider.” It was only natural that when he joined his twin brother in 1990 with political and social activity in Hanoar Avoda, In 1991, Shimshi went on to three magical weeks in Europe, with the delegation of the Association for Democracy Education and Active Involvement in Community Life.In March 1992 Shimshon was drafted into the IDF. Until the last minute, he hesitated among the various field units, and finally decided to volunteer for Givati. It was not easy during basic training, but with the willpower and motivation he became a regular warrior “like wine that improves with time.” Passed a course for infantry brigade commanders and even served many times in the territories and in Lebanon. “I knew you from citizenship, and to tell you the truth, when I saw you, I said to myself, this gentle, quiet child will never be a infantryman, and I was surprised by the change that happened to you. I’ve never heard of you complaining or anything like that. When we returned home together, I was the one who always complained … “On May 3, 1994, Shimshi was killed in the course of his duty in an operational accident, during which he was inadvertently shot by a member of the unit, Who was thought to be a terrorist, fell two days before the signing of the peace treaty with the Palestinians, and was so happy to meet him that he was twenty-one years old when he fell, and was brought to eternal rest in the Rishon Letzion cemetery. And a sister, Ya’arit, who was promoted to the rank of sergeant. In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, the commander of the unit wrote: “… You were a soldier with fun to command him, the kind of disciplined soldiers who can always be given a mission and they will volunteer, who never argue that all the soldiers and comrades in arms love to love and symbolize the ability to overcome difficulties And pressures and the concept of willpower … “His girlfriend, his official partner and his lover Einat Sagi, published a book of poems” a matriculation certificate “in his memory. In one of her poems, she wrote, “Like after a tedious journey, like after a storm, like after a long run, like after a long illness, like after a film about the Holocaust, like after a surprise party, like after an argument or misunderstanding. The feeling / month of not having you. ” The family, with the assistance of his girlfriend Einat, published a memorial booklet in his memory. His family takes comfort in the fact that during his short years of life, Shemesh received a love that few people enjoy, from all those around him – the family, his girlfriend and his friends.

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