Saadon, Daniel (Danny)

Saadon, Daniel (Danny)

Daniel son of Diamante and Raphael was born on September 13, 1941, in Tetun, Tunisia, and immigrated to Israel with his wife in 1961. He was four years old when he began studying in his hometown, and a year later his family moved to Galicia, Where he studied at the Hebrew school “Daberr Ivrit”. Danny worked in Tunisia in the goldsmithing profession, which was very common among the community. He devoted his spare time to the Jewish youth, and made a great effort to deepen their love for Israel. He organized social activities and games for them, especially soccer games, and arranged for parties to be held on holidays. Due to his leadership ability, he managed to influence many people around him. When he immigrated to Israel, he settled in Be’er Sheva and soon became beloved and accepted among his neighbors, who appreciated the help he extended to all who approached him and the dedication he treated his friends. He was honest, true and conscientious. He was a giving person and his house was open to all, he was known for his good hospitality.
Daniel was drafted into the IDF in mid-May 1963 and assigned to the Armored Corps. He was a dedicated soldier and a loyal friend, loved by his commanders and friends. For his part in the 1967 war, he was awarded the “Six Day War”. After being released from regular service, Danny worked with the “Rasko” company as head of the construction department, and his superiors praised him for his ability and resourcefulness, for his diligence and seriousness and for his fair treatment of his subordinates. Danny was a loving and loyal family man. He was a devoted son to his parents and gave them great respect. He was devoted to his wife, Mazal, helping her with housework, and after he returned from work he had a lot of fun with his little children. During the Yom Kippur War, he was drafted and sent with his unit to advance the Egyptians’ attacks in the Sinai. On the 7th of Tishrei 5734 (7.10.1973), Daniel fell in battle on a “Romanian” axis. He was brought to rest in the cemetery in Beer Sheva. He left behind a wife, two sons and two daughters, parents, three brothers, and four sisters. His little daughter was born after he fell and bears his name – Daniela. After his fall, he was promoted to corporal.

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