Rosen, Mordechai

Rosen, Mordechai

Mordechai (Moti), son of Ida and Ze’ev, was born on April 27, 1954, in Nahariya to his parents that were Holocaust survivors. He attended the “HaTomer” elementary school in Acre, where his parents moved in and was always praised by his teachers. Since he had studied with love and sought to buy knowledge, the parents had made every effort to bring him closer to school, even though there was no economic prosperity at home. He was about seven years old when he began to play piano, and after a short time, he entered the Municipal Youth Orchestra. He also diligently gained control of the trumpet and trombone. Moti was talented and soon acquired the reputation of a musician of his future, and even began to instruct the young boys who joined the orchestra. Among his friends he was the leader, and they admired him and loved him, knew his integrity and organizational talent. He was an avid perfectionist, and he persisted in accomplishing the tasks he set for himself. Since he was an excellent student, his parents decided to send him to study at the Reali high school in Haifa. The long, exhausting trips each day did not deter him, and there he excelled in his rich talents. At that time he continued to play until he was chosen to participate in the concert ensemble of the orchestra. He was a member of the Scouts movement and was involved in sports. In the darting industry, he won several prizes. The director of the “Reali” school, Mr. Shapira, said that he was one of the best graduates of the school – one of those who expected greatness. The director of the orchestra’s home in Acre said that Moti was one of the Mossad’s greatest talents – the musicians also hoped that the day would come and he would beautify the field of music in Israel.
Mordechai was drafted into the IDF in early August 1972. Although he could join the IDF Orchestra, he preferred to serve in a combat unit. He was posted to the infantry and trained in infantry commanders. Together with his unit he participated in the pursuit of terrorists in Lebanon, and on his vacations returned quickly to his beloved home. During his spare time, he continued to play the piano and write poems. During the Yom Kippur War, he served as a non-commissioned officer in the Golan Heights on October 12, 1973. He was killed and fell in an artillery barrage at a wooden village junction and was brought to eternal rest in the cemetery in Nahariya. Survived by his parents, brother and sister. After his fall, he was promoted to sergeant. In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, his commander wrote: “We used to call him Moti and he was one of our outstanding fighters, and his career in the army made him not only an excellent fighter, but also the leader and the mentors of his comrades. In every exercise, at every opportunity, Moti discovered one of his many talents, always striving to achieve the best, and if possible, the perfect one, and with his fall we lost one of our best fighters and his comrades lost the best of friends. ” In memory of Moti, a piano was purchased by his parents and placed in the piano-study room of the Municipal Orchestra, and the room is named after him; In addition, a concert was held in his memory by teachers and students at the orchestra.

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