Pesach-Hanoch Reiber

Pesach-Hanoch Reiber

Pesach, son of Aviva and Yaakov, was born on May 7, 1951. He studied at the Bar-Ilan religious public school and later graduated from the “Midrissit Noam” High School in Pardes Hannah. The period of his stay in Midrashia, an educational and social institution, was a pleasant one in his life, and he greatly respected the staff of educators and counselors, who influenced him and outlined his way of thinking and way of life – a combination of religion and knowledge. He was optimistic and cheerful, received the words in good spirits and never complained of difficulties or unpleasantness. He was very devoted to his parents and his sisters, and he was very interested in aeronautics and aircraft construction, devoted many hours to reading about the subject. He wanted to build a model for each new plane, and his other hobby was artistic photography, and he was preparing to combine his two hobbies in the future, first to study aircraft engineering and to establish and produce original Israeli films. Hanoch was drafted into the IDF at the end of July 1969 and assigned to the Golani brigade, after completing his basic training course, and was assigned to one of the units as a squad commander. He served on the Golan heights and on the banks of the Suez Canal and was injured several times in training accidents, but refused to move to a managerial position and insisted on remaining in a combat unit. Throughout his period of service, he was careful to observe religious precepts and find a way to integrate his religious lifestyle with the demands of the army. He tried very hard not to worry his family, made sure to write home and his few vacations divided between his family and meetings with his friends from the Midrasha. In 1972, he was discharged from the regular army service and began to prepare for the entrance exams to the Technion, where he also worked as a construction worker to save money for studies, and was accepted to the Faculty of Aircraft Engineering and asked to advance his reserve service so that he could study. A 14-month-old Egyptian soldier was killed by a missile fired by an Egyptian soldier and killed instantly, but only 14 months later, when the Egyptians returned the bodies of thirty-nine IDF soldiers Who fell in the battles of the south, was brought to eternal rest in the land of Israel, and was pierced At the military cemetery in Kiryat Shaul. Survived by his parents and two sisters. After his fall, he was promoted to First Sergeant. In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, his commander wrote: “Hanoch was one of our ranks, fought valiantly in the” Lituf “stronghold on the edge of the Suez Canal, defending his comrades and his home on the home front. And a great deal of self-risk until it falls. During the period of his service with us in the battalion, we found the qualities of a man and a model warrior. “He was later awarded a commendation by the OC Central Command, who commemorated him by founding a fund named after Hanoch z” l, From “Midrush Noam” and from the Western Wall Yeshiva; The worshipers of the synagogue on 93 Ibn Gabirol Street dedicated a Torah scroll to his memory; His parents, together with his classmates at the “Midreshet Noam” school, published a book in his memory entitled Hanoch; The Jerusalem Brigade published a book in memory of the fallen soldiers, including the late Hanoch Reiber.

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