Ozer (Farluk) Shamhai

Ozer (Farluk) Shamhai

Ozer, son of Chana and Dovid Farlook (Shamhai) was born on June 15, 1915, in the city of Dubno, Poland, where he joined the pioneering youth movement “Gordonia”. Ozer immigrated to Eretz Israel in October 1938 in Aliyah Bet.
and was a member of Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha for two years. Ozer was a member of the Haganah and he did not miss a single exercise or training. He was also a member of Hapoel. Ozer was a serious and quiet person, ready to help any needy person, his friends and acquaintances. On the 4th of Cheshvon, November 6, 1948, at an outpost near Ramle, Ozer was hit by a sniper bullet and died. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery at Nahalat Yitzhak. He left behind a wife, Rina, and two little boys.

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