Moshe Ben-Tzur

Moshe Ben-Tzur

Son of Sarah and Haim, Moshe was born on December 27, 1963 in Ra’anana. Moshe was the eldest son, and shortly afterwards a sister and two brothers came. Moshe quickly learned that one could be pampered and feel “like a king” among his family. However, he did not forget his responsibility as the eldest brother, with the eyes of his young men rising in admiration. When he was four years old, Moshe began studying at Gan Ilana. When he was five years old he went to Gan Yona, where he had the youngest child. He was a disciplined student, and lovingly filled all the tasks he had been assigned. In the “Second State” elementary school, Moshe studied for eight years. Afterward, he decided to strengthen his roots in Judaism and went to study at the Bayit Vegan Yeshiva in Jerusalem. Together with Jewish studies, Moshe also learned the printing profession. But the distance from the house was unbearable for him. He returned home, continued to study at the “Portrait” school in Herzliya and prepared for the matriculation exams. He completed his matriculation exams successfully, and still had enough time to enlist in the IDF, where he worked and accumulated money and traveled to Europe, where he enlisted in the Golani Brigade in early 1982. After completing his basic training, . Moshe learned to love the sweaty effort he had to invest during training, and aspired to be a commander in the Golani Brigade. After serving time as a lieutenant colonel, he took part in a sabotage course and returned to his regiment that was in Lebanon at that time, and on Monday he went on leave, but decided to go back to the battalion so that other members could also enjoy a vacation on Thursday, On November 17, 1983, Moshe entered the convoy in Lebanon, where an explosive device was detonated and Moshe was killed and brought to rest in the cemetery in Ra’anana, leaving behind his parents, sister and two brothers. “We are looking for you, Moshe, and your place is absent / We are so used to seeing you among us, you are always nice / running around in the ward, helping, holding a healthy shoulder to carry with us the burden In Group B, in Section 3, you were the living spirit / encouraged by a pat on the shoulder, leading the action / raising morale when the wind was extinguished / and all with kindness, with a smile and without protest. / How did you spoil us when you returned from vacations. / Your backpack full of treats and your excited hands / we are served with delicacies from your mother’s kitchen, though you pull a bottle of whiskey from the depths of your backpack. / We were an example of a devoted soldier, who jealously adheres to what is permitted and forbidden. / Honest man, truthful, / loyal and exemplary. / Months we spent on line positions. / Tired, tense, always alert to battle. / Not everyone understood who the enemy is beyond the Gaza Strip and what Golani is doing in the divided country. / But to you, nothing was bullied, / a command was received – for you it was enough. A soldier in the soul, dedicated and loyal, a skilled and professional fighter. / No wonder you thought of becoming an officer, with time. The IDF has lost a gifted commander. / Remember also the case where your vacation is shortened, / You are coming to Lebanon in your unit, and all this to help a friend / For a moment you did not rest / And on your forehead the wrinkles were not straightened / Until you saw all of us pleased with him / The first thing you did was quick and enthusiastic / How jealous we were of your talents, in the hands of gold. now/!” (This page is part of the Yizkor memorial project held by the Ministry of Defense)

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