Mizrahi, Roni

Mizrahi, Roni

Son of-Victoria and Shlomo (Morris) was born in Be’er Sheva on February 24, 1963. At the age of two and a half, Roni was with his family in the Mali state of Mali, He continued his high school studies at the “Ye’elim” school and successfully completed the “A” high school in a biological track.Rony’s great love was the animals, and he grew up in a desert parrot, and his ambition was to study veterinary medicine and to bring He was a full-fledged boy with a broad education, Roni took part in Gadna’s air activities, and played soccer, loved reading books – R philosophy. Roni had many friends who used to come to his house at any time. Roni was drafted into the Israel Defense Forces in October 1981, and was appointed to the Air Force for a pilot course, but after a few months he was dropped out of the course and then decided to volunteer for combat engineering. Orly, the company clerk tells us how on Saturdays, when most of the soldiers preferred to rest, she went out with Roni and Yoram (who was a member of the ” Beer Sheva) to tour the area to gaze at the greenery and the landscape and enjoy the surrounding quiet He used to say that he wanted to know the North as he knew the South Ronny was a wonderful conversationalist, and the conversation with him was an intellectual pleasure: he was a gentle and polite gentleman, a good soldier, very popular among his classmates and company, In every mission, on June 15, 1982, Roni fell in combat in Lebanon during the Peace for Galilee War and was brought to rest in the military cemetery in Be’er Sheva, leaving behind his parents, brother and sister.

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