Meltzer, Yitzhak

Meltzer, Yitzhak

Yitzhak, son of Penny and Gershon z “l, was born on 13.5.1949 in Johannesburg, South Africa, and immigrated to Israel in 1961. In Israel he studied at the Pika elementary school in Petach Tikvah and then completed his studies at Beit- He was always a good student, a wise and industrious student, and was always Simcha to help his friends and classmates. Judo, and light athletics.was a very devoted son to his widowed mother, who used to talk to her about subjects that interested him and her, and shared his personal dilemmas and problems. Forth in was optimistic, cheerful and Simcha-part. Isaac was drafted into the IDF in early August 1967, and was assigned to the Armored Corps. After completing his basic training, he completed a course in tank artillery and a course in armor professions and was assigned as a guide in the Armored Corps School. Yitzhak was an excellent soldier and commander, responsible and dedicated to his job. At the Armored Corps School he worked on preparing training programs for the apprentices and his lectures were appreciated and respected by his commanders. In time he even received a trophy from the unit commander. He bought him the name of an excellent guide, very patient, well versed in material, dedicated and concerned about his subordinates. At the end of his compulsory service, he retired from the IDF and married his girlfriend, Judith, who returned to become a citizen when he began studying at the university, in the faculty of accounting, and at the same time worked as a computer company clerk. Yitzhak was honest, modest, kind and orderly, and always gave him an atmosphere of peace and comfort: When the Yom Kippur War broke out, he joined the members of his reserve unit and took part in the battles of containment against the Egyptians in the Sinai in the battle that took place on 20 Tishrei 5734 16 October 1973) was hit by his tank and he was killed. He was brought to eternal rest in the cemetery in Kiryat Shaul. After his fall, he was promoted to First Sergeant. He left behind a wife and mother. In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, his commander wrote: “Yitzhak fell in the decisive battle that took place on the southern front, and in this battle the IDF forces stopped and defended the attack and the decision of the Egyptian enemy. His unit was at the head of the invading force, which penetrated the enemy’s arsenals and prepared the way for the forces behind the crossing of the Suez Canal and the relocation of the war to the enemy’s territory. Yitzhak fulfilled his duties as a cannon in a tank with great devotion, coolheartedness and was an example and model for his team and friends. May his death be the order of continuity and the restoration of the people to us – life. “

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