Meislish, Shmuel-Danny

Meislish, Shmuel-Danny

Son of Chava (Rivkah) and Noah. Born on March 19, 1975 in Moshav Hemed, a young son of his parents, a younger brother of Yael and Avi, he began his studies at the Ma’alot elementary school in Bnei Brak and continued to the junior high school in Petach Tikva and Kfar Ganim Bar-Ilan High School in Tel Aviv, where he graduated with honors from the 12th grade in chemistry. From an early age, Danny was an active participant in agricultural farm work, in the chicken coop, in the field, preparing poultry for transportation and traveling to the agricultural market. He was a moshavnik with heart and soul, loved the work of the land and devotedly engaged in it. As a boy and a young man, Danny did not miss an opportunity, on vacation and even during school, to help plowing, hoeing, and harvesting – with jobs on the tractor. Danny was active during the entire period of his studies in the Bnei Akiva movement, in the “Mevasher” tribe in his residence. He was always very physically fit, running all year round and playing basketball in Elitzur. In leisure he liked to delve deeper into thinking games, which presented him with a challenge that enjoyed cracking. “I remember you with a smile and a heart at the same width, a shirt outside, always in a hurry, a model athlete, but despite your great love for the ball, when the time came, you left everything and ran to pray: ‘Pray,’ you said. Let’s run away. ” In September 1993, Danny enlisted in the IDF, and as a continuation of the Zionist education he absorbed at home, he enlisted in the parachuted Nahal Brigade to a battalion of kibbutzniks. On the warrior track he excelled, and as a token of appreciation for this he received a personal beret from the commander. Danny went on to a sergeant’s course, but when he was offered to continue for the officers’ course he gave up, preferring to join his friends who were sent to operations in Lebanon. Danny completed most of his regular service in the territories and in Lebanon, and his last position was in Tel Arad, where he returned to the moshav and to agricultural work, and at the same time began to study for a bachelor’s degree in economics and management at Ramat Gan College. In the spring of 1999, he was awarded a certificate of appreciation for his devotion and persistence for years. Danny did not neglect sports and physical fitness, and devoted the evening hours to basketball games with his friends in the moshav. On April 9, 2000, Danny married Einav and the two established their home in Moshav Hemed. In 2001 Danny began working with his father-in-law in the family enterprise, and together they prepared many plans for the future. Danny, a brave man, honest and human-loving, was loved by everyone around him. He was always the first to help, and never complained about the difficulties he encountered. He had done many acts of kindness, but he always made sure that they were done discreetly. “A man with the smile of a child who loved life so much and everyone loved him so much,” his friends said. There was a special love between Danny and his young nephews. He used to go wild with them endlessly, and thus earned the nickname “uncle fun life.” From the day he was released from regular army service, Danny served in the reserves in a company that assisted in a infantry battalion, and he never missed a day of reserve duty, even the day after his engagement. “On the days when I was physically or mentally broken, I knew how to look at him and be filled with positive energy, which Danny distributed to all of the soldiers. Towards April 2002, Danny planned to travel abroad with his wife but at the end of March, Operation Defensive Shield began, and Danny was drafted in Order 8 and was, of course, one of the first to report. His unit went to fight in Jenin. On the 27th of Nisan 5762 (April 9, 2002) Danny fell in battle in Jenin, leaving behind a wife, parents, sister and brother.

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