Maor Gannon

Maor Gannon

Son of Esther and David. Maor was born on October 19, 1983 in Yavne. Was the youngest son with two brothers and two sisters. In 2006 they married and a little later their daughter Hila was born. On 17 January 2006, Maor was recruited to the Israel Prison Service. He carried out a series of training and positions, the last of which was a team commander. Maor was found suitable for the officer and joined the officer course combined with a specific course. Meishar Maor fell in the Carmel disaster. On Thursday, 25 Kislev, on the 2 nd of December 2010, a forest fire burned on Mount Carmel, always green. The fire, known as the “Carmel disaster”, the largest in the country’s history, destroyed a forest, grove and residential buildings in a large area of ​​the Carmel Park and surrounding communities. About seventeen thousand people were evicted from their homes, close to twenty-five thousand dunams and millions of trees burned. About a third of Kibbutz Beit Oren houses went up in flames and dozens of other homes in the Ein Hod Artists Village and the Yemin Orde Youth Village. Only three days later did the fire forget. In the hours following the outbreak of the fire, strong winds blew the flames, which quickly spread to the Hik River, the Har Alon reserve, Damon Prison, Shukf Mountain Nature Reserve and Kibbutz Beit Oren. Due to grave concern for human life, it was decided to evacuate prisoners from Damon Prison and then to Carmel Prison. The officers’ bus and the officers of the officers’ training course of the Israel Prison Service (IPS), Class A. At 15:30, the cadets’ bus moved between ancient quarries and Beit Oren, followed by police cars. The fire broke through the walls of the bus, huge walls of fire blocked the traffic artery, seized everything, and at the peak of every shred of life, forty-four men and women perished, thirty-seven of them officers of the Prisons Service Officers, Three firemen and three police officers, Maor was twenty-seven years old, and he was brought to Mano He was buried in the military cemetery in Yavneh, leaving behind a wife and daughter

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