Mansur, Mansur

Mansur, Mansur

Mansur, son of Shaykeh and Muhammad, was born on 6.3.1951 in the village of Majar, near Tiberias. Mansur, a member of the Druze community, completed elementary school in the village. Even though he comes from a completely different cultural and linguistic environment. He was an outstanding student, diligent and responsible. According to his teacher, Mansur was most prominent among his classmates, because he was modest, quiet, and humble. He excelled in great cleverness, with a strong desire to succeed, persistently and stubbornly, loyally and with purpose. Mansur was drafted into the IDF at the end of November 1969. After completing basic training, he underwent an infantry course and became a combat soldier in the infantry, Where he spent a year and a half in the Golan Heights, decided to volunteer for a career army service and in August 1973 went to the company commanders’ course but did not finish the course. On Yom Kippur, when he was with his family in the village, he heard that a war broke out. He left his family to the Golan Heights, To search for his unit, which he had separated from her a few weeks before when he found the soldiers of the unit joined them And received the position of deputy company commander.
On October 9, 1973, he went on a battle in Tel-Varda, in the Bukata region, while moving in the half-track at the head of his force, was hit by a bomb and killed.
for the full biography see Hebrew version

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