Levyov, Aaron

Levyov, Aaron

Aharon (Arik), son of Esther and Anatol, was born on 30.7.1949 in Baku, the Soviet Union, he completed elementary school and high school studies in his hometown. During his five years he studied in the evenings and worked during the day to earn a living, and his family, which tried to maintain a Jewish lifestyle openly, encountered the hostility and pressure of representatives of the Soviet government but did not give in. When Aharon was young, his grandfather taught him the history of the Jewish people, its customs, and commandments, and this education made its mark on his character and on him As a student at the school, Aharon made great efforts to bring his Jewish friends closer to the tradition of their people, told them about his history and tried to instill in them a Jewish consciousness and love for the people of Israel. aaron had been studying for five years, but preferred to leave for Israel immediately, before immigrating to Israel, and before his arrival in Israel, his mother asked him: “Do you know that we are going to a country where there is no Calm and war has visited her many times and the danger of death is there. ” He replied briefly: “Mother, death for the homeland is happiness.” Aharon immigrated to Israel in 1971 and first entered the Ulpan to study Hebrew. After that he began working for the Electric Company and at the same time began to prepare his graduation certificate at the Technion in Haifa. He was awarded the title of Electrical Engineer in 1973. Aharon was drafted into the IDF in mid-July 1973. After completing basic training, he was assigned to the Artillery Corps and completed his advanced artillery training course. Before the end of the course, the Yom Kippur War broke out and he was sent with his unit to the Golan Heights and participated in the fighting. His friends counted that in the early hours when the situation was bad, some of the fighters fell in despair, but Erik encouraged them and convinced them that the turnaround was imminent and that the situation would soon improve. On the 7th of Tishrei 5740 (October 7, 1973) in the early morning, the unit was ambushed by Syrian tanks and his cannon was hit directly. Erik was not injured and abandoned the injured vehicle, but when he was delayed on his way to a wounded friend, another TAT was hit next to him, and Erik was killed in the explosion and was brought to rest
in the military section of the Haifa cemetery. In a letter of condolence to the bereaved family, his commander wrote: “Aharon fell in battle to repel the Syrian enemy, a battle for the existence of the State of Israel. He and his friends defended the country’s borders with great courage, few against many, and were able to do so. Aharon was a dedicated and loyal soldier in routine and in battle, loved and loved by his comrades and commanders. “

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