Lapid, Oded

Lapid, Oded

Son of Nachman and Eve. He was born on August 22, 1949 in Jerusalem. He began his studies at Ma’aleh Elementary School and continued with them in the religious high school Ma’aleh. Belonged to the city’s spectators and was active in them, taking part in all their activities, travels and events; He was a member of the “Masuot” tribe. He also took part in all the Gadna activities as a high school student, tended to music and loved Israeli songs, and since age in elementary school he played the accordion in his free time, was cheerful and full of joy, when he needed to be serious, He was very devoted to his family and loyal to his many friends, and to the righteous he fought with all his soul and for the sake of justice, and everything that seemed to him like deprivation made him angry, and he could not stand scruples, for the soul In one case, which one of his girlfriends tells about in a letter, he will prove: Once, when he toured with his friend (because he loved to tour and see They both saw two deer and decided to chase them, but recently they suddenly noticed that one of them was falling into the land and had no spirits – a case that deeply distressed him, and he was not only fond of his life, but also worried about everything He was always ready to come to the aid of others, and he was willing to volunteer for any task and action and to work for the benefit of the public and the individual.It should be noted that the proper measures that Oded enjoyed had to be credited to his father, who volunteered in the War of Independence to be Among the escorts of the convoys to Jerusalem who broke into the besieged capital and at Sha’ar Hagai, he boarded a mine; Afterward, he was sent as an armored driver in the Palmach in the Gush Etzion commando unit (Nebi Daniel), leading the convoy in his head, but despite all the fears and horrors he experienced, he was an example to all his acquaintances (and his son encouraged them) To help his needy, to take care of all his needs, and to serve him as a compassionate nurse, to please him and to encourage his spirit, so that his son Oded, who behaved like his parents, He was tall, solid and fearless, but a soft, good look was in his eyes, He was drafted into the Armored Corps and volunteered for the Sayeret, and in his service he proved himself to be a brave and good soldier who was dedicated to the IDF and loyal to his friends. A day or two before he recovered and then returned to the base he would not listen to them, and his reason was that his stay would delay another soldier waiting for a vacation – and he returned to the base and did not remain in the family, Oded had strong willpower and proved his talent as a good trainee in a course, In which he participated, but did not succeed in finishing it, that on the day of the 14th of Kislev 5768 (September 7, 1968), while performing compulsory duty while fulfilling his duties, About twenty years earlier; It was in Wadi Sudar, Sinai; The mine was buried on a dirt road around Rosh Gondi, about twenty kilometers from the Mitla Pass, a road used daily – and the deepest part of the Egyptian commando line. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl in Jerusalem. The commander of his unit, in a letter of condolences to his family, wrote among other things: “He had all the qualities of sermons from an IDF commander; Talent, courage, devotion and help to his friends. “

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