Krudeau, Yacov

Krudeau, Yacov

Son of Sarah and Shlomo, was born in 1924 in Izmir, Turkey, to a religious family. Yaakov was forced to attend the government school in Izmir since there was not enough money for him to attend a Jewish school. Eight times he tried to leave Turkey, without a passport, to immigrate to Israel, but was caught and was returned. From his childhood, he strove to fight for the “State of Israel” which had not yet been established. He even urged his parents to immigrate to Israel. After the last failed attempt to emigrate, he was sentenced to three months in prison and was then sentenced to four years in the Turkish army.

Jacob immigrated to Israel at the end of 1947 and immediately joined the Israeli army. He enlisted in spite of poor health, which could have exempted him from conscription. Jacob fought on the Negev front and died in an accident in Be’er Sheva on the 25th of Tevet (26.1.1949).
He was buried in Be’er Sheva. His parents arrived in Israel after his death. On the 26th of Shvat 5710 (13 February 1950) he was transferred to his eternal rest in the Nahalat Isaac military cemetery.

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