Jacobovitch, Benjamin Zvi

Jacobovitch, Benjamin Zvi

Binyamin Zvi, son of Simona and Stanislaw Jacobovitch, was born in Kiryat Ata on 27 May 1996. From an early age he cultivated a wide circle of friends, both inside and outside the school. On July 30, 2014, he enlisted in the IDF and fulfilled his ambition to serve as a combat soldier in the Border Police. Once every two weeks he left the base for a weekend at home, and was careful, even before he met his family, to visit his high school. He took upon himself the task of raising the students’ awareness and motivation to serve in the Border Police.
On November 4, 2015, on Route 60 near the Halhul junction, near Hebron, a group of border police were patrolling the area, Binyamin among them. Suddenly a vehicle came toward them. The driver hit Binyamin with great force, and he was mortally wounded. The fighters who were standing nearby fired at the terrorist and liquidated him. In the intensive care unit, the doctors made great effort to save Binyamin’s life, but four days later he died. He was nineteen when he fell. He was laid to rest in the military section of the Kiryat Ata cemetery, survived by his parents, brother and two sisters. After his death he was promoted to the rank of Second Sergeant.

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