Isaac Ventura-Gorali

Isaac Ventura-Gorali

Son of Mazal and Moshe, Isaac was born in 1930 in Salonika, Greece, and in 1935, when he was five years old, immigrated with his parents to Israel. In his service, he was deprived of his father and forced to leave his elementary school and struggle with the difficulties of an orphan’s life. He received professional training at the free customs school, and eventually became a mechanic in the garage and joined Hanoar Haoved. Was a diligent boy who helped his mother in the war of survival to the fullest extent possible. On “Black Saturday” (29.6.1946) and the cruel searches after a protective weapon carried out by the British throughout the country, he came to the aid of the besieged farms. Before reaching the age of enlistment he went to the front on the day of the declaration of the state. He was a member of the Irgun, but with the unification of the fighting forces he fought in the ranks of the Israel Defense Forces in the Golani Brigade in the Galilee and in the central front.In the Horev operation, the Golani Brigade was tasked with creating a deception in the western wing of the front, Before the operation of the main effort in the eastern wing, on the night of December 22-23, 1948, the brigade forces took control of the 86th position north of Khan Yunis, threatening the road and the railway and creating the impression that the intention was to cut off the Egyptian forces in the Gaza Strip. And under the pressure of the enemy, the fighters of the Golani Brigade were forced to withdraw, and Yitzchak fell in this battle on December 22, 1948. He was buried on the border. On August 11, 1949, he was put to rest at the Nachlat Yitzhak military cemetery.

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