Idan Gabriel

Idan Gabriel

Son of Tsippi and Uri, Idan was born on July 20, 1976 in Herzliya, Liron’s younger brother. Idan attended the “Shazar” elementary school and went on to the Ben-Gurion Junior High School in Herzliya, where he studied at the Giv’at Hayim High School in Kibbutz Givat Haim Ihud, where he wrote a thesis on solar energy, which earned him many compliments. Idan was a natural sportsman and was involved in various types of activities: swimming, basketball, squash and karate, and during his time he successfully completed a lifeguard course, which attested to his excellent physical fitness. Adaptability to changing situations and demonstrated willpower and ability to cope with straw During his high school years, he served as a mentor for young children who had difficulty in various fields and was very sensitive to this contribution, and was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the educational framework at Givat Hayim Ihud. Gadna course diving in preparation for the formation. He worked his body in strength training, running and swimming. At the end of November 1994, Idan enlisted in the IDF, and after completing the training he volunteered to serve in an IDF post in the depth of the security zone in Lebanon and was proud of his role. Idan was very attached to his mother and tried to calm her fears, while he was injured in the shelling of the post where he served in Lebanon, but insisted on his desire to return to his comrades in the unit. “He was always looking for action.” In his role as an observer (10.6.1996), an era was lost in a battle in Lebanon, in the eastern sector of the security zone. Of the Nahal Brigade, who returned to the “pumpkin” post from a night mission in the area of ​​the Ali Taher ridge, encountered an ambush by Hizbullah terrorists who opened fire from close range and from various directions. The fire was accompanied by a grenade launcher thrown at the soldiers of the regimental engineering company. Even though they were surprised, the soldiers responded as expected, fired at the terrorists and even killed one of them. During the battle Idan was killed. Lieutenant-Colonel Yishai Shechter, Deputy Lt.-Col. Eshel Amir Ben-Moshe and Sergeant Yaniv Roimi, were killed and eight others were wounded, after which Idan was promoted to the rank of First Sergeant, Idan was laid to rest in the Herzliya military cemetery. Parents and sister, and his sister said that Idan gave up his prize for excellence – Idan was supposed to take a course at the Wingate Institute, but was not prepared to say goodbye to his friends: “Idan was poisoned for the army and the friends, To his family: “Idan served with dedication, faith and a sense of mission, was admired by his friends and showed great motivation in his work. Idan volunteered to perform tasks, showed respect for his friends during his service and always with an outstretched hand for help. Idan was an exemplary soldier, diligent, dedicated and served as a team leader who is pleasant to work with. The image of Idan, his values ​​of volunteerism and bad will accompany us all along. “The press extensively covered the events of the battle in which Idan and his friends were killed and Idan’s family was also named for Idan’s family.A Torah library for the Mikdash Melech synagogue in Herzliya; She prepared personal notebooks for all the soldiers of the unit where Idan served both in Lebanon and in Israel; Contributed arrangements for the IDF positions in Lebanon and the synagogue at the IDF base in Glilot; To the school in Givat Haim, the family donated sportswear to all groups, including soccer and basketball, as well as sports equipment. The school established a gymnasium named for Idan and every year there is a sports day in its memory, at the end of which prizes and trophies are distributed to all the winners; To his unit in the north, the family donated a club in his name, as well as electrical appliances and games to all the outposts in Lebanon where the soldiers of his unit serve; His parents designed and erected a monument to his memory on a cliff near the sea, in Arsuf near Kibbutz Shefayim; In Herzliya, the family inaugurated a garden named after him, with an environmental sculpture designed by his father; Every year, basketball leagues are held at places of employment initiated by Idan’s friends. The Dennis Survival Club, which Idan is one of its members, holds a national competition in memory of the fallen. The family established a library and a training room in the “Scouts” movement in Herzliya.

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