Hever, Yehoshua

Hever, Yehoshua

Son of Simcha and Shlomo was born on the 6th of Av, July 23, 1928, in the city of Aleppo, Syria, where he studied in an elementary school. He immigrated to Israel in 1945. In 1947 he joined Kibbutz Na’an and joined the Haganah and was among the defenders of Tel Aviv. Yehoshua participated in the battles of Abu Kabir, Salameh, Jaffa-Manshiyya, Yazur, and the conquest of Beit Dagon, Tsrifin, Lod and the Ramle system. He faced many dangers and succeeded. Yehoshua was a lieutenant of the Kiryati Brigade. In battle for Ramle
“Operation Danny” which attacked the western suburb of RamlaYehoshua fell. It was 4 Tamuz, July 11, 1948. Yehoshua
was listed as missing.The day after the battle in which Yehoshua fell, Ramla surrendered to our forces. The body of an unknown person was brought from Ramla to Hadassah Hospital, and brought for burial two days later at Nahalat Yitzhak Military Cemetery. The inscription reads anonymous from Ramla July 12, 1948″. In 2014, the investigation of the missing persons in the IDF led to the identification Yehoshua Hever. On November 27, 2014, a tombstone was placed on his grave in place of the tombstone of the unknown.

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