Har-Nesher, Eitan

Har-Nesher, Eitan

Eitan, son of Naomi and Baruch Har-Nesher, was born on February 20, 1928, in Tel Aviv. He first studied at a school in the north and then, when his parents moved to Moshav Herut (Tel Mond) he continued his studies there. He then went to study for two years at the Max Payne Professional School in Tel Aviv. Eitan was a member of Hanoar Haoved and was loved by all his friends for his kindness and honesty.
In 1946, he joined the Palyam service, completed a boat commanders’ course and assisted in bringing illegal immigrants onto the shores of the country. He volunteered for the Hagana activities in the Negev and was sent to a course for commanders in Dalia.Eitan was responsible for the security of Gav-Yam and was sent to Ma’ale Hachamisha for a course for heavy machine-gunners.
On the 13th of Adar 2, 5708 (March 24, 1948), when he left with his friends to paralyze the Arab transport on the Haifa-Jabba road, Eitan fell in an ambush near Atlit. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery in Haifa.

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