Goldin, Hadar

Goldin, Hadar

Hadar, son of Leah-Chedva and Simcha Goldin, was born on February 18, 1991 in Bashar, a mixed religious and secular community. Hadar and his twin brother, Tzur, went to a pre-military preparatory course together and together they completed an officer’s course. After an officer’s course he asked to be a commander in training the recruits of the reconnaissance unit and to turn them into fighters. Thus he managed to turn the whole team into an outstanding team. He then came to realize his ambition – the commander of the Sayeret team. Hadar announced that he would marry his fiancee, Edna and a wedding was arranged. Hadar returned to the commando unit.
In June 2014, rocket fire from the Gaza Strip to Israel intensified, and as a result, Israel launched Operation Tzuk Eitan against Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Hadar was kidnapped and killed during a cease-fire in an operation aimed at locating tunnels intended for the destruction of the settlements in the south. Hadar fell in battle during Operation Tzuk Eitan on 5 Av (1.8.2014). He was 23 years old. The Israel Defense Forces retrieved enough of Goldin’s remains so that its chief military rabbi permitted a funeral to take place and he was laid to rest in the Kfar Saba military cemetery. However, Hamas refuses to release the rest of his body, denying closure for his family. Hadar was promoted to lieutenant after he fell.

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