George Herzl

George Herzl

Herzl, son of Lydia and Abraham, was born on 19.11.1954 in Tunis and immigrated with his parents to Israel in 1955. He completed his elementary studies at the Rashi School and at the Harav Herzog School in Jaffa, After graduating from the vocational school, he joined his father in his work, and worked with dedication and loyalty right up to the day of his enlistment His father testified that Herzl saw every piece of furniture he made, a work of art, and his face was radiant with joy when his work was perfect: after a hard day’s work Herzl would return home and retire to the cell In the courtyard, which he built with his own hands, to be used by him and his friends. In the hut Herzl and his friends used to listen to music and exchange experiences: “If none of us went down the road, it’s only thanks to the fact that To the social framework that Herzl created in the shack, “one of his friends confessed. Herzl was drafted into the IDF in early January 1973. During his brief service, he was Simcha and always when he came home for vacations, he praised the life of the army and his comrades in the unit. On October 10, 1973, the day the Yom Kippur War broke out, Herzl went out with his unit to rescue the soldiers of the Kantara outpost. About three kilometers before the outpost, the force encountered an ambush of Egyptian soldiers and Herzl was killed by a missile in his APC, and was brought to rest in the military cemetery in Kiryat Shaul, leaving behind his parents and eight brothers and sisters.

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