Gavin, David Aryeh (Ari)

Gavin, David Aryeh (Ari)

Son of Leah (Florence) and Shimon Hayohen HaCohen. Was born on April 16, 1972. In Haifa, he was the third child in the Gabin family and the first to be born in the State of Israel (after the family immigrated to Israel from the United States in 1971), was a baby with large eyes, He was a dreamer with a wide smile, and as a child he liked to climb trees and engage in various sports activities such as skiing, ninjutsu, running and swimming. He chose to study physics and computers, a field he had been attracted to since childhood. In everything he did, his originality and creativity were discovered. In addition to high school studies, Ari participated in activities of the Bnei Akiva youth movement, where he met his first girlfriend, Zehavit nee Wermstein, at the age of sixteen. Ari was surrounded by friends from kindergarten and school. Over the years, his circle of friends continued to expand, and included members from various sectors of the company. Ari, who inherited his belief in the combination of religion and contribution to the state, chose to study after completing high school at the Ateret Cohanim yeshiva in Jerusalem. Where he studied for a year and a half, and when he heard the noise of an airplane, they both ran to the window to watch and learn. On February 6, 1992, Ari enlisted in compulsory military service and began the course of the pilot’s course, where Ari took part in the course for a year and then Nesher, although he was promised the position of platoon commander in the air force, To the elite unit “Magellan” of the “Fire Brigade” in the Paratroopers Brigade. A week before his military service ended, on the 15th of Shvat 5755, Ari married Zehavit. Upon his release he returned to study at the Ateret Cohanim Yeshiva. A few months after his marriage, Ari was accepted to the Foreign Ministry’s Foreign Ministry, and in August 1995 the couple went on a mission to Riga, Latvia. In 1997, Ari and Zehavit continued their mission in Rome, Italy. Ari was the deputy security officer of the embassy. A year later their eldest son, Tal-Yehuda, was born in Italy. Tal inherited from his father his sensitive and pleasant character, his love for computers, martial arts and astronomy, and above all, the captivating smile. In 1999, Ari and Zehavit returned to Israel. They settled in Haifa and began their studies at the University of Haifa. As someone who has been drawn to computers since his childhood, Ari chose to study at the Computer Science Department. He was an outstanding student and was chosen as a teaching assistant in the “Computational Models” course, the most difficult in the faculty. Over the years Ari served as a practitioner in additional courses. Although he was successful in his studies and finished every year with honors and won prizes, Ari was very modest and did not tell of his successes even to his close friends. Ari completed his studies as an outstanding student at the faculty and was invited to receive a certificate from the Knesset Education Service. Ari was very diligent, and in order to support his family he worked nights as a security guard at the Jewish Agency and the Defense Ministry. After nights of sleepless work he would run to a bleary university for lectures he loved so much. During his first degree, a few days before Rosh Hashanah 5762, his daughter, Maayan, was born, who inherited Ari’s appearance and his sense of humor: On the 12th of Tevet 5763, his third son Yarden, who resembles his father with a dreamy look, was born with curiosity, wisdom and coordination Ari was a wonderful father to his children, a father who is also a friendAnd he carried them on the floor and carried them on his shoulders. He always played with them at eye level. After completing his studies, he began working at Intel. Ari excelled in every field in which he worked, in his work as well, and, as always, modesty was a guiding light. Ari was a handsome guy with big green eyes. He had a perpetual smile, laughing eyes and endless giving to friends and strangers, a trait his parents had given him. Ari was very careful to observe the mitzvah of charity even when he was a student and earned a little. If he saw a man rummaging in garbage cans, he would stop and give him a hundred shekel bill (which was a significant part of his salary then) and all with respect and modesty. Ari always thought that the best way to help a person in financial distress was to hire him or help him find a job, and follow suit. Ari loved the country and its landscapes and traveled a lot with his family and friends. He served in reserve duty whenever he was called to do so, and always passed the quota of annual reserve days. During Operation Defensive Shield, about a year before his death, Ari was drafted into “Order 8” and “dressed in uniform” without hesitation. On May 19, 2003, Ari arrived in reserve duty for four days, as part of a training exercise for his unit. The first day of reserve duty was theoretical, and was held at the Julis camp. Ari returned to his home that evening and the next day he went north. At 11 am, when he reached the meeting point at the foot of Mount Shifon in the Golan Heights, and then found out that his reserve soldiers would be late and arrive only two hours later. When he did not reappear after about two hours, he was searched for until he was found dead in the waterfall of Deborah. First Sergeant Ari Gavin fell during his service in the reserves on May 20, 2003. He was thirty-one years old when he fell. He was laid to rest in the military cemetery in Haifa. Survived by a wife – Zehavit, three children – Tal, Maayan and Jordan; Parents – Leah and Chaim; And three brothers – Rina, Gila and Ze’ev. At the time of his death, his children were four and a half, a year and eight months old, and a five-month-old baby. On his tombstone, the inscription is inscribed with the words of the Tanna Yehuda ben Tema: “Be strong as a leopard, light as an eagle, running like a deer, a hero like my father, to do the will of your Father in Heaven.” “We, his family, who were left behind, without him, still refuse to believe that he is not among the living and feel his permanent absence, but we feel that Ari is always with us, strong among us. After him is a way of life of Torah, tremendous joy, love of others, infinite giving, true friendship and love of man as a human being. ” In memory of Ari, the family and friends established the “Dvora waterfall observatory” on the Golan Heights, and the sign reads “A man of kindness and love, with a constant smile, loves the land, humble and fearing heaven.” Ari’s parents, activists in the ” Economic debts, established in his memory a fund called “Hero of the Aryan” to help families in vocational training.

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